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Running a beauty salon or SPA salon is a huge challenge, but it gives a lot of satisfaction. There is no greater reward than a satisfied customer who recommends our services to his friends. The power of recommendations is huge, and the success of the facility consists of many components, including the quality of products delivered from contractors. When looking for suppliers of products for a SPA salon or a beauty salon, it is worth choosing companies with an established position on the market, which can boast of successes confirming the high quality of the products offered. It is worth supporting Polish brands and domestic producers, because such cooperation has a number of advantages. If you are looking for professional treatment clothing for your salon – check why it is worth trusting the LaSpa brand.

LaSpa – a short history with many successes

The history of LaSpa began in 1993. Despite a relatively short presence on the market, we have managed to achieve many successes, which proves that good quality speaks for itself. From the very beginning of our activity, we have set ourselves the goal of providing only the highest quality products. For the production of our costumes and accessories, we use only high-quality raw materials from the best producers. We focus on the continuous development of our employees and technology. We improve and expand the machine park and take care of our own self-development. We do not intend to stop there, because our driving force is satisfied customers with our products.
Our vacuum massage costumes are used by the owners of beauty salons and SPA salons throughout Poland. We also successfully operate on foreign markets, where the high quality of our products competes with products from around the world.

What can we offer you?

Vacuum massage suits for men and women

Costumes for vacuum massage have been our specialty for many years. It is an essential element of the equipment of every office offering Endermology treatments. The outfit not only affects the effectiveness of the procedure, but also the patient’s comfort. The task of the costume is to minimize unpleasant sensations during the massage. LaSpa clothing fulfills this task in 100%. The special material makes it easier to move the device head around the treatment area, preventing mechanical injuries, hair pulling or pinching.
Our costumes are sewn with the utmost care and attention to every detail. Thanks to this, they are comfortable and very comfortable. They are made of flexible, non-dusting material that guarantees trouble-free putting on and taking off. Our costumes are perfect for Endermology treatments, vacuum massages and other treatments using infrared devices, e.g. Icoone.
Vacuum massage costumes are available in various colors: white, graphite and black, in sizes from S to XXXL. To create a coherent image of the office, we can print your own logo on the costume. Just send us the design and we will take care of the rest.

Treatment accessories

In addition to treatment costumes, we also offer treatment accessories, including disposable thongs. It is a must-have element of the equipment of beauty salons, gynecological offices and SPA salons. Disposable thongs allow you to maintain maximum hygiene during massage, laser hair removal treatments, etc. We make them from a delicate, airy material, ensuring maximum comfort and safety. Strings are available in a universal size. Due to the stretch of the material, they will be suitable for both S and XXL people. Disposable thongs are available in a more or less covering version, thanks to which they can be adapted to the client’s expectations, so as to ensure maximum comfort during the procedure.
We also offer bags for underwear and treatment clothes. They are made of damage-resistant material, equipped with a drawstring that will allow for quick and tight closure of the bag. Such a bag is a great convenience for the patient, allowing for safe and hygienic storage of the costume between treatments. We offer the possibility of printing with the office’s logo, which will be a distinctive element of the visual identification of any modern facility.
In order to establish cooperation, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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