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How to arrange a small beauty salon (and not get claustrophobic)?

Hi, If you are reading this article, you are probably the owner of a beauty salon. Well, or at least you plan to become one 😉. Many novice entrepreneurs, however, cannot afford a large hall – it is known that when running a company in Poland, you have to save on many things (at least at the very beginning). So if you are wondering how to arrange a small beauty salon so that you do not get an attack of claustrophobia and do not lose customers among the clutter … then I will tell you what you can do.

First of all: what treatments will you perform?

Until you answer that question yourself, you might as well be shooting in the dark. I personally have the most contact with endermological salons – because I am a manufacturer of clothes made during treatments 👘.

That is why I wrote the following guide in the context of this type of surgery – but you can safely read it even when you plan to perform a completely different type of treatments.

Devices and accessories used during treatments

Start with the devices and accessories you will need during your treatments. It’s like a cliché, but for some reason many people buy furniture first… and then there is no space and funds for the most important equipment 💲. Do you want to open an endermology salon? Get a good vacuum massager.

As a manufacturer of treatment outfits, I advise you to also buy … treatment outfits 😉. You don’t even realize how many new people in the industry forget about this element. So instead of investing in expensive decorations to start with – prepare your customers a wide wardrobe of clothes for cosmetic treatments.

At an attractive price you will find them in my shop ← welcome!

How to arrange a small beauty salon – furniture and all the rest

Okay, but it was supposed to be about interesting furnishing and arrangement, and I’m bored with some devices here. Well, in order.

Treatment chair – you won’t be able to do without it

Every time someone asks me the question “what furniture should be in my beauty salon”, I answer: armchair 💺. More precisely, a chair for treatments, which is the basis in every office. Don’t try to save too much in his case, and instead take care of your comfort.

Seriously – even such a stupid addition as regulation with electric motors will make your work a ton easier. No matter how small your beauty salon is, this fabulous treatment chair will surely fit in it. And it’s really worth investing in it.

Cosmetic table – your little helper

A cosmetic table is just a narrow cabinet on wheels. Instead of cluttering your small office with wall units or other free-standing accessories … choose this type of table. Of course, they are of different sizes, but even the smallest ones will fit everything you need.

I bet that in your office you will have a whole lot of treatment devices or accessories for sterilizing tools. You can always have them at hand – just in a mobile cosmetic table. And to be honest – a treatment chair and such a table should be enough for you 😅.

Additional furniture in your living room

But I could go on for a long time – a cosmetic bed, a stool that is friendly to the spine, separate cabinets and shelves … you can really choose as much additional furniture as you have enough space.

From my own experience, I will only mention a ready reception and a wardrobe in which you can keep clothes for treatments – and believe me, sooner or later they will come in handy. Or maybe it’s just my professional perversion 😁?

Sanitary issues in a beauty salon

The small size of the beauty salon does not exempt you from complying with health and safety regulations. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in this matter – and I don’t like to talk about things I don’t know much about.

I know, however, that you can check all the most important information in this matter on the official govu website. The document is called exactly: Sanitary and hygienic requirements that should be met when opening a new hairdressing, cosmetic, tattoo and wellness facility. It sounds scary (as official documents are 😅), but in total it is 8 pages long and is written in quite accessible language.

A small beauty salon – is it worth having one?

Okay – now you know how to arrange a small beauty salon. This is quite a demanding task, so at the end I would like to console you – because a small office has its advantages!

Firstly, rents and utilities will be much lower.

Secondly – you will have everything at hand … and it will be somehow cozier.

Thirdly – keeping it in order will be a piece of cake for you.

And I think that on this positive note we can end today’s article. Once again, I will only invite you to my shop – just click here. LaSpa is staffed by professionals who will be happy to advise you when opening your first beauty salon. Regards 🙂.

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