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Dermapen – how does pricking the skin with micro-needles work?

Dermapen - mezoterapia mikroigłowa

Dermapen is a procedure that arouses rather extreme emotions. On the one hand, its effects are really satisfactory, but on the other – many people’s hair stands on end at the very thought of it. Is skin pricking with micro-needles really as scary as they paint it? I have tried to answer all the most important questions about dermapen in the following article.

What does the dermapen treatment consist of?

Dermapen is a procedure that many patients may not associate with much pleasure. The whole process involves pricking the skin with small needles. Hence the other name for dermapen, a bit more expertly known as micro-needle mesotherapy. However, in order not to break our tongues, we will stay with the former.

Okay, but what is the purpose of pricking the skin with needles? In a way, this motivates it to speed up recovery – it heals and renews itself, so that patients can literally look like “newborns” after the procedure. But does this actually happen?

What do clients think of mesotherapy?

The dermapen treatment tends to be met with a positive reception. Many clients praise the fact that the results are visible after the first treatment. These include, of course, less visible pores and wrinkles, as well as better overall skin condition.

On the plus side, the treatment is also relatively inexpensive – although obviously more expensive than needle mesotherapy (without the -micro prefix). But the latter alternative is rather feared by most customers 🙂 . Either way – dermapen generally has good reviews. But it’s also worth taking a look at the other side of the coin.

Dermapen hell – what can go wrong?

Many cosmetic surgeries describe dermapen as a minimally invasive procedure. Personally, however, I have heard many extreme descriptions of experiences with it. I will now cite two side effects of dermapen, which unfortunately you have to reckon with:

Red and swollen facial skin. If you choose to have your skin pricked with needles, you should know that after the procedure your face may be all red and swollen. You will not look your best for a few days, so it is better to cancel all social gatherings where you wanted to shine. And while this is a double-edged sword – because once the redness and swelling are gone, you’ll look better than you did before the procedure – it’s worth keeping this side effect in mind.

Pain and discomfort, during and after the procedure. Pain and discomfort is another matter altogether, and, as it were, a logical one. Here the patient’s resistance to pain is of greatest importance. On some, the dermapen causes only mild discomfort, only to cause such severe pain on others that additional anesthesia becomes necessary. Pain and skin sensitivity may persist for up to a few days after the procedure, so if you are particularly sensitive to this type of “pleasure.” – think carefully about whether dermapen is definitely for you.

I’m not one of those people who like to sow panic – but I personally don’t know anyone for whom the dermapen procedure would be pleasant. Unfortunately, you have to pay a considerable price for beauty 🥲.

Who is mesotherapy NOT for?

People who suffer from various skin diseases should not sign up for dermapen. Among them are acne and herpes. The final decision is, of course, up to the cosmetologist, so don’t forget to inform them of your medical conditions before the procedure.

I also personally do not recommend Dermapen to patients who do not have strong nerves and get weak at the sight of blood. This one, of course, may – though not necessarily at all – appear during the procedure in large quantities. I bet if dermapen wasn’t so “drastic” in its execution, many more people would opt for it 😀.

Dermapen at home – why do I advise against it?

Some time ago, I found a post promoting home dermapen to save some money and not to visit a beauty salon in person. To me, this is an extremely irresponsible idea, and I have two reasons for saying so:

1. cosmetic procedures require experience. Just buying specialized equipment will not help you much if you do not know how to perform the dermapen treatment. By doing so, you may not only fail to improve the appearance of your complexion, but even harm it.

2. you expose yourself to infection. Let’s face it – sooner or later you’ll forget to disinfect your dermapen equipment, or out of laziness you’ll do it inaccurately. You will then expose yourself to infection, which can be fatal.

Is all this worth saving a few bills in your wallet? In my opinion, no, and cosmetic procedures (especially such invasive ones as dermapen) should always be performed by a professional at a beauty salon. Change my mind 😉.

Skin puncturing in a nutshell

Dermapen allegedly improves the skin condition of many clients – I’m not going to argue with that.

However, the potential side effects can scare off many people – and I completely understand that.

Mesotherapy is nevertheless a popular cosmetic procedure that more and more beauty salons are offering. If you are just waiting for your dermapen and I scared you – I apologize. Hopefully, everything will go according to plan and you will be able to enjoy rejuvenated skin the very next day. Greetings!

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