How much does a cosmetologist with his own practice earn?

ile zarabia kosmetolog z własnym gabinetem

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Recently, more and more people in my immediate circle have stated that they want to become cosmetologists. Some are even developing this plan with their own office. The most common question in their minds is: how much does a cosmetologist with his own practice earn? Well, this is not a question that can be answered A or B, but I will try to describe the issue of earnings of cosmetologists with their own salon as broadly as possible.

Average earnings of a cosmetologist in Poland

Before we look at the specific case of a cosmetologist with his own practice, let’s first consider how much the average cosmetologist in Poland earns. I am not the alpha and omega, so I will use the website to check this statistic. It shows that:

– Cosmetologists in Poland usually earn in the range of from 3700 PLN to 5540 PLN ,

– Below this range, 25% of cosmetologists earn, and above the range – also 25%,

– The median income is PLN 4530.

Nearly 250 cosmetologists were sampled, and the last update was made in January 2023 (at the time I prepared this article).

What does a cosmetologist’s salary depend on?

The same website notes that the salaries of cosmetologists depend on, among other things, seniority, education in the field, the size of the company where one is employed and the province.

Interestingly – according to these statistics, almost 100% of cosmetologists are women. In my opinion, however, this is a bit of an overstatement, so I take all the information taken from this site with a pinch of salt.

How much does a cosmetologist with his own practice earn in Poland?

The question of how much a cosmetologist with his own practice earns is completely different. Here, earnings depend solely on how many customers such a private salon serves. The Internet suggests that experienced cosmetologists running their own business are able to earn even in the vicinity of 10,000 zlotys per month – a very impressive figure in my opinion.

Unfortunately, as is the case with running one’s own business – for every thriving company, there is often also one going bankrupt. That’s why it’s very difficult to give a clear answer to the question of how much a cosmetologist with his own practice earns – because one may earn a 5-figure sum per month, while another will have to make money accurately for an inaccurately run business.

What are the costs of your own practice?

I include among the most important costs of running my own cosmetology salon:

– Rent, if you do not own a proprietary office,

– rent, this one practically always occurs,

– materials and equipment, including its depreciation,

– utilities, that is, mainly water and electricity, which is simply more expensive for entrepreneurs,

– employees, provided, of course, that you do not run the practice alone,

– Accounting, or all kinds of taxes and health insurance.

If one were to look at it from a slightly different perspective, it might seem that a cosmetologist with his own practice is able to earn a few hundred zlotys on a single treatment, which could translate into as much as several thousand zlotys a day. The reality, however, is not so colorful, and running your own beauty salon means not only potentially high earnings, but also equally high costs.

Is it profitable to be a cosmetologist with your own practice?

To make it profitable for you to open your own beauty salon, it is imperative that you have experience in both cosmetology and running a business. However, the profitability of this type of business depends not only on your aptitude, but also on your location, the number of competitors and the budget you can allocate for marketing and brand promotion.

I certainly don’t recommend you to open your own practice if you have neither experience in running a business, nor do you have money set aside for investment and plan to take everything on credit. Going into debt is a risky approach and personally I wouldn’t sign up for anything like that.

To sum up: it can both pay off and not pay off. As in any business. If you were expecting one general answer like “yes, you’ll earn 20,000 a month,” then unfortunately I must lead you astray. In running your own beauty salon, what matters most is the disposition of finances and the ability to get clients, and the cosmetics itself… is just the background of the whole business.

What services to offer at the practice to increase profits?

On the subject of the most profitable cosmetic procedures, I wrote more extensively in this article: What are the most profitable cosmetic procedures? Which is where you earn the most. However, be warned – this is a multiple-choice question, in which there are a lot of correct answers. And experience and knowledge of the cosmetics market again play first fiddle.

I am also starting to publish more specialized material on the most popular cosmetic procedures. You can read the first one, about dermapen, here: Dermapen – how does pricking the skin with micro-needles work?

If you are planning to open your own beauty salon or just interested in this topic – I invite you to check my blog regularly.

Greetings, manufacturer of endermology outfits.

If you are reading this article: then I invite you to visit my endermologie, massage and spa outfit store:

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