Thai massage – what is it and what does it involve?

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Some time ago I heard that Thai massage is in practice occultism. I grabbed my head at the time and decided that my next blog post would be about this treatment. This is because it so happens that Thai massage is a really interesting form of body therapy, which is very different from traditional massages. It also carries quite a few health benefits, I have listed them below. I invite you to read it!

What is a Thai massage? Is it painful?

Thai massage, also known as “ancient healing massage,” is a unique form of body therapy that combines elements of acupressure, yoga and reflexology. The masseur works very intensively and uses not only his hands and thumbs, but also his elbows, forearms and feet. So, as you might have already guessed – this is a procedure from the category of those more “hardcore”.

However, this does not mean that Thai massage is painful. Or even the opposite – its purpose is to relax the muscles and relax the body, not to add discomfort. However, muscle soreness is natural after any type of massage – and this is no different. Fortunately, they are not intense and pass after a few hours, and after the body gets used to the treatment, they do not appear at all.

How is Thai massage different from traditional massage?

To better understand the nature of Thai massage, we need to contrast it with other forms of massage you are familiar with. It differs from traditional techniques in that:

  • We do not use oils. While not a rule, they do appear in many traditional massages. A classic Thai massage does not do this (unless in a special version with aromatic oils).
  • We participate actively. This type of massage is also well known as “yoga for lazy people.” Why? Because the client often has to assume different yoga positions, and the treatment becomes much more dynamic.
  • We are lying on the floor. The traditional massage table has gone out of fashion! During the Thai treatment, you will be massaged while lying on a floor mat. This allows the therapist to allow more freedom of movement.
  • Spirituality element. Thai massage originated in Buddhism, and for many people it has not only physical, but also spiritual significance. Much here depends on the person leading, but traditionalists begin the procedure with a silent prayer.
  • We remain in our clothes. Massage does not always have to take place on the naked body and the Thai treatment is a perfect example of this. So it is necessary to dress in loose and comfortable clothing, alternatively: in a special outfit for massage. But about that later.

Isn’t it true that now the picture of Thai massage paints a very different picture?

Health benefits of Thai massage

Thai massage (by the way – like virtually any other type of massage) has quite a few health benefits. Let’s first look at the three main ones:

  1. Improving body flexibility. This is a rather unprecedented massage effect, isn’t it? By using stretching techniques and the previously mentioned “yoga poses,” you may notice an increase in your range of motion after just one treatment.
  1. Significant stress reduction. Thai massage can be successfully used as a stress reliever (within reason, of course). It’s all about acupressure techniques and deep stretching – your relaxed muscles will thank you!
  1. Improved blood circulation. Acupressure not only helps combat muscle tension, but also improves blood and lymph circulation. In my humble opinion – no other type of massage has as good an effect on the circulatory system as Thai massage.

And the advantages don’t end there! Other additional ones include reducing migraine headaches, improving digestive and respiratory health, and even preventing insomnia. So there are quite a few benefits!

How should I dress for a Thai massage?

As I mentioned in the paragraph with differences – during a Thai massage you will remain in your clothes. This is quite an unprecedented approach, so you may be wondering: what to actually wear?

Most often the clothes are not any special (the important thing is that they are loose and comfortable). What do I mean by that? For example, sweatpants, leggings or short shorts and a loose, short-sleeved shirt. Ot a typical summer outfit.

Special massage attire at LaSpa

I personally specialize in massage outfits – I am their manufacturer. You can find a sample costume at this link:, or you can take a peek at the image below.

What first strikes the eye is the firm fit of the outfit to the body. Earlier I mentioned “loose” clothing, but if it’s made of breathable material, it might as well be a bit more tight-fitting.

Remember that Thai massage is an experience for both body and mind. Therefore, you must feel comfortable and at ease in your outfit to fully experience the session. This rule is a good answer to the question “what Thai massage outfit to choose?” – One that is comfortable for you.

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Thanks for reading and until next time!

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