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What does an endermologie garment look like and what is it needed for?

What is endermologie clothing? Why use it during treatment? What are the common features of such clothes? And most importantly – how much can a single copy cost?

These and other questions are answered below, welcome!

What is endermologie clothing?

An endermologie garment is a specially designed garment that we use for, as the name suggests, endermologie treatments. Endermologie is a non-invasive procedure performed to improve skin appearance, reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation and other health benefits. So much in a word of theory. 🙂

Why is it important to have endermologie clothing?

It is worth using endermologie clothes, because they guarantee:

  • Comfort and skin protection. Endermology garments are designed to keep you comfortable during the procedure. The materials used to make such a garment are soft and flexible, allowing freedom of movement and minimizing discomfort – they are also anti-allergenic and do not irritate the skin. 🩹
  • A more precise treatment. Endermologie uses devices that stimulate the skin and subcutaneous tissues. A special garment will help them adhere to your body, which is crucial for the treatment to work effectively. Some patients also claim that this garment makes the procedure less painful for them. ♐
  • High level of hygiene. Endermologie is a clean procedure, but additional clothing will allow you to take extra care of hygiene – for example, by not having direct contact with the device. Endermology clothing is also easy to clean and disinfect. You can easily wash it in the washing machine and use it for your next treatment. 💧

Endermologie clothing is usually provided by clinics or clinics that offer endermologie, but it’s a good idea to have your own copy. This is an important part of the treatment that supports the desired results and ensures comfort and safety.

What does endermologie clothing look like?

You can check out an example of endermologie clothing on our store page – click here. Don’t forget to select your language version at the top left of the screen.

Endermologie clothing is not very different from standard massage attire. 💆 Depending on the store you choose, you may notice physical features such as:

  • Cut to fit perfectly on the body, which allows the endermologic device to work precisely on the targeted areas.
  • No sutures, to avoid irritation and increase comfort during the procedure, as well as to protect those with circulatory problems.
  • Air permeability, because the materials used in the production of the clothes are breathable, which prevents the body from overheating during the procedure.
  • Zippered closure for easy express donning and doffing of clothes before and after endermologie treatment.
  • Solid and uniform color, so that the garment matches the rest of the clothing and does not distract attention (client and cosmetologist) during the procedure.

Keep in mind that the final appearance of an endermologie garment varies by manufacturer and size. Nevertheless, the above physical features are generally common to ensure your comfort, effectiveness and hygiene during an endermologie treatment. 👍

How much does endermologie clothing cost?

Here the range is quite large – the cost of endermologie clothing varies depending on the brand, quality of materials and model specifications.

You can check all current prices on our store page – click here. Don’t forget to select your language version at the top left of the screen.

Dressing for endermologie – a brief summary

Endermologie clothing will provide you with comfort and protection for your skin, a more precise treatment and a high level of personal hygiene during the procedure. Common features of many endermologie garments are a snug fit, no seams, high air permeability, a zipper closure and a solid and uniform color.

We greet you warmly and invite you to shop! 😁

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