5 interesting relaxation treatments – which is your favorite?

A life full of stress, work and daily responsibilities often makes us forget an important element of our health – relaxation. There are many methods to relax the body and mind, but in this article we will discuss five of them. But that’s not all – because at the end we will reveal what other treatment is unique and why we recommend it the most.

Endermologie – results after 1 treatment. Is it possible?

endermologia efekty po 1 zabiegu

I dedicate today’s article to my impatient customers 🙂 . This is because I often hear the question of whether results from endermologie can appear after just 1 treatment. Those who regularly follow my blog probably already know what the answer will be. However, I invite everyone to read it – without exception 😉 .

How much does a cosmetologist earn in Warsaw? The rates are pretty good

Ile zarabia kosmetolog w Warszawie

In our capital, Warsaw, wages are much higher than in other cities. However, there is no reason to jump for joy – because the cost of living is also higher there. OK, but back to the point: as an endermologie outfit salesman, I know several cosmetologists and I know that salaries in this industry can really vary. However, how much does a cosmetologist in Warsaw earn? Is it worth pursuing this profession in the capital? To answer this question, I took the liberty of compiling some earnings statistics and data from job posting portals. Zapraszamy!

Endermologie – Is it worth going for this treatment?

endermologia czy warto

You’ve probably heard about endermologie more than once, if only from the mouths of female colleagues. There are extreme opinions about this procedure – some patients praise it to the skies, to others are totally dissatisfied with it. So you may be confused and wondering if it’s worth going for endermologie. I will try to disenchant this topic for you and present it in the best way possible below, welcome!

Do you need a special outfit for the spa?

Strój do SPA

A visit to a spa is a great way to relax and unwind. Before visiting such a place, however, there is often a dilemma: do you need a suit for the spa? Some places directly inform about the requirement to wear a special outfit (such as a bathing suit). On the other hand: the center may give clients a free hand in this matter – but in the following article I will prove to you that it is worthwhile to have special clothing for treatments anyway.