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How to de-stress in 5 minutes (including: massages, treatments)

jak się odstresować w 5 minut

Today a few words about how to de-stress in 5 minutes. It’s not much time to relax, but it’s perfectly adequate. I invite you to read 🙂 .

How to de-stress in 5 minutes?

Is it possible to calm down internally in just a few moments? Personally, I think it is. This much is enough for me to feel relaxed both mentally and physically. Today’s post is more relaxed and intimate, as I will introduce you to my private methods on how to de-stress in 5 minutes.

Important note: each of us is different, so not all ways will necessarily work as well for you as they work for me. Well, here we go.

Methods you will use everywhere

I could start with meditation or cardio training, but these are activities for which you need to prepare properly. So instead of them, I’ll start with methods that you’ll use anywhere:

Deep breathing. It sounds trivial… and in reality it is, too. However, you breathe all the time, so this is a method of relaxation that you will do literally anywhere. At work, at a family gathering, or even during a stressful restaurant date. I personally HIGHLY recommend Wim Hof’s breathing method. Its full version takes more than 5 minutes, but no one is making you do all the cycles. You can find an excellent instructional video at this link.

Just a smile. It has long been known that even a “fake” smile can significantly improve mood. But what can you do when a smile is inappropriate in a given situation? All you need to do is to raise the corners of your lips and eyelids very slightly, in other words: give your face a more “lively” look. Also, try to put yourself in optimistic thoughts (even if it has to be by force), and the stress should decrease somewhat.

Methods you won’t use everywhere

Here, I already have a much broader scope. While deep breathing and facial expressions can slightly improve your mood, the following methods are my favorites:

Stretching. I used to hate stretching, however, now – I love it. A 5-minute session is all it takes to feel crisp and fit. In addition, you will improve the condition of your body. Me, after just 3 months, managed to perform a full prone, something I could once only dream of.

Fresh air. When I stay indoors all day, with artificial light – in the evening I have a guaranteed headache. That’s why I try to oxygenate my brain every day. Airing out the room? A short walk? How about just going out on the balcony? There are plenty of ways.

Arrangement. A clean environment represents a clean mind. If you’re staying in a terrible mess – no wonder you’re measuring yourself with stress. A quick vacuuming of the room and taking the soda bottles out of the room is a matter of minutes, and you will feel like your mind has been cleared.

Relaxing sounds. Some people love to listen to relaxing music, while others… asmr. I fall into the latter group of people. As long as you have access to headphones and the Internet, you can make yourself a relaxing 5-minute audio session. Be sure to check which sounds work best for you.

Cold/hot showers. A cold shower is considered the more “mind refreshing” one, but let’s be honest with each other – most of us are not used to such low temperatures. Instead, you might as well take a warm or hot shower. For me, it means a lot just to be in contact with water.

Prevention is better than cure

Once stress gets you – it can be hard to get rid of it. Therefore, in this case, I am a proponent of the statement “prevention is better than cure.” But how to prevent stress?

Do sports regularly. The 5-minute rule will work well here, too. Intense cardio exercises (e.g., treadmill, bike) are enough to speed up your blood flow. Exercise even when you feel good!

Lay off the stimulants. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke cigarettes… don’t use Facebook? Personally, I also include social media among my “light stimulants,” so I limit my daily contact with it as much as possible. And I recommend it to you, too.

Ensure a healthy diet. The recipe for a healthy diet is trivial. Avoid fast food and sugar, and eat lots of vegetables and fruits instead. Listen to your body. When in doubt, you can get advice from a nutritionist – just one visit is enough to choose the perfect nutrition for you!

Supplements and treatments. If your body needs additional minerals – you can gradually incorporate supplements into your diet (after consulting your doctor). Treatments such as massage or endermologie will also help you relax.

How to de-stress in 5 minutes… in a nutshell

As you can see – methods to remove stress in 5 minutes are quite numerous. From sports to relaxing music to changing the way you breathe. Above I have discussed one by one:

– deep breathing,

– A smile (even a forced one),

– Stretching,

– access to fresh air,

– cleaning up the environment,

– relaxing sounds,

– cold/hot shower,

– Quitting stimulants,

– healthy diet,

– supplements and treatments.

I think at least one of my suggestions above should help you.

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I wish you good health (and peace)!

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