Endermologie – Is it worth going for this treatment?

endermologia czy warto

You’ve probably heard about endermologie more than once, if only from the mouths of female colleagues. There are extreme opinions about this procedure – some patients praise it to the skies, to others are totally dissatisfied with it. So you may be confused and wondering if it’s worth going for endermologie. I will try to disenchant this topic for you and present it in the best way possible below, welcome!

Endermologie – what does it actually consist of?

Bottom line. Let’s start with what endermologie actually is. According to the commonly accepted definition, it is “a non-invasive cosmetic procedure used as a method to combat cellulite and other skin problems.” During it, the cosmetologist uses a special vacuum massager that sucks the skin. As a result, blood circulation is stimulated, and collagen and elastin are produced. 💆

Sound interesting? I guarantee that such is also the reality. Many of my patients describe endermologie as a fun procedure, which is an added plus. However, this does not mean that every woman should go for it, but about that below.

Who should and should not go for endermologie?

Endermologie is recommended for women who want:

  • reduce cellulite,
  • improve skin firmness,
  • Relax tense muscles,
  • improve circulation,
  • model the silhouette.

It is also a real must-have for women who have recently lost a lot of weight and would like to “fix” the hanging skin. Similarly, after pregnancy, when excess skin appears on the abdomen. However, any such visit should be consulted with a specialist – to make sure the woman is ready for it.

First and foremost HEALTHY people should go for endermologie. That’s why I stress every time to see a doctor before the procedure. Let go of it if:

  • you have skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, open wounds),
  • you have other chronic diseases (diabetes, blood clotting disorders),
  • you are pregnant (this can be a danger to both mother and child)
  • you suffer from cancer (although it is logical, then the procedure is definitely not advisable).

I also wrote on this topic here: Endermologie – contraindications to the procedure.

Anyway: the most important thing is a medical consultation. Remember this, even if you consider yourself a perfectly healthy person. 🙂

Endermologie – is it worth going for a massage?

If you get the green light from a specialist, then yes – as much as possible it is worth going for endermologie! However, I do not require you to take my “word for it”, so I will try to justify my position below. 😅

Endermologie seriously works – comments from patients

For me personally, endermologie has worked very well. However, I will also cite some patient opinions to confirm my words:

  • “Endermologie is definitely effective. Of course, with a reasonable diet and drinking plenty of water. You can see the first changes after just 6-8 treatments!”
  • “The effects are not as intense as in pictures on the Internet, but they can be seen with the naked eye. The most important thing is to hold out until plus or minus 8 treatments – then the effects appear.”
  • “I’ve been going for endermologie for several years and have a lot of experience. The most important thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and attend the treatment regularly. Then the effects will appear the fastest.”

Endermologie is relatively cheap – how much is the price?

The price of endermologie varies… widely. This is influenced, among other things, by the location of the beauty salon, the experience of the specialist performing the procedure or the area of the body on which the procedure is performed. Overall, however, it is among those cheaper services. 💲

What is the approximate cost of endermologie? It can be said that from 100 to 200 zlotys. However, you need to keep in mind that this treatment produces results only after several or more sessions – that’s why many beauty salons sell “packages” that include several rounds of the treatment right away.

Only then will it be worth it to go for endermologie!

As you might have already deduced from the above article – endermologie will only bring the expected results if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and attend treatments regularly.

I have already written a whole host of articles on this topic, including:

In them, I discuss that endermologie works well only when combined with physical activity, a healthy diet and regularity. I also explain that each of us has slightly different genetics and this treatment can work really differently. 🤷

Endermologie – is it worth going for it?

You already have to answer this question for yourself. According to many patients, endermologie is a recommendable procedure, and I fully support this opinion. Of course, only if you are healthy and at least try to lead an active lifestyle.

So much for that. I invite you to check my blog regularly and we’ll see you next week!

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