ICOONE® laser

ICOONE® is a technology that uses negative pressure, allowing for precise work on connective tissue. Icoone is a medical device that affects the lymphatic, circulatory and muscular systems. As the only device for vacuum massage, it uses Roboderm Multi Micro Stimulation, which has a very safe and effective effect on the skin.

ICOONE LASER® It combines the technology of vacuum massage of independently working rollers with the energy of a biostimulating laser and LED light. The combination of light and laser energy in the Robosol head causes a photochemical effect in tissues, causing greater cell permeability. The 915 nm wave of the diode laser penetrates deep into the tissue, where it is strongly absorbed by lipids in adipocytes. This causes an increase in their temperature and decomposition.

Light with a wavelength of 650nm affects fibroblasts and stimulates collagen production. It also affects the permeability of cell membranes, causing pores in the membrane to open, allowing the released fat to drain into the lymphatic system without damaging the cells. In addition, massaging two independent rollers drains excess fluid to the main lymphatic plexuses.

Icoone is a certified medical device that is ideal for the treatment of scars, swelling, constipation, muscle stiffness and pain syndromes, as well as body shaping and fat reduction. It is a non-invasive and painless method that provides spectacular and long-lasting effects.


Cellu M6® Integral is the latest generation LPG® device. It is a combination of power and modern technology that allows you to achieve dermatological benefits that were previously unattainable.

Using the exclusive Enedermologie® technology, LPG Cellu M6® Integral enables a 100% natural connective tissue stimulation treatment for beauty and well-being. LPG Cellu M6® Integral is available with two Endermologie® technologies for precise treatments on the body (Lipomassage®) and face (Endermolift®). This is one of the most effective ways to fight cellulite, excess fat, flabby skin on the body and face, and swelling.

LPG Cellu M6® Integral is:
• greater efficiency – increased mechanical stimulation, clinical trials confirmed the effectiveness (After 8 weeks of Endermologie® treatment with mechanical stimulation technology, 240% increase in collagen content in the skin, 180% increase in elastin, 70% increase in lipolytic processes) ,
• Body care is 50 times more effective, facial care is 3 times more effective,
• Larger roller size, larger chamber, better suction parameters – both the roller and the suction chamber are larger than in traditional Endermology, making the treatment more accurate and deeper,
• More heads, a new type of heads – increasing treatment possibilities, and thus ensuring greater effectiveness and firmer skin,
• Facial treatment – a new head (head with a petal) offers a new approach to a precise and more effective facial treatment (3 times more effective): reduction of crow’s feet, wrinkles around the mouth, skin firming – the first effect can be seen immediately after the program is performed,
• New applications, such as therapy for pregnant women and during exercise.

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