What massage suit is worth having in your office

Vacuum massage more and more often appears in the offer of beauty salons and SPA salons. This type of procedure has many advantages and allows you to fight various imperfections, improving the appearance of the skin, reducing cellulite, removing excess water from the body. Vacuum massage is also a great way to detoxify your body and boost your metabolism. Endermology vacuum massage also has a therapeutic effect and reduces various pain ailments.
For the Patient, the most important are the effectiveness of the procedure and comfort during its performance. Appropriate clothing during vacuum massage treatments is a guarantee of safety and satisfactory results. The costume allows you to eliminate any unpleasant feelings during the process and make it easier to perform. It provides the right comfort for both clients and masseurs.
The choice of vacuum massage costumes is very wide. Below is a short guide on which outfit to choose.

Vacuum massage costume – with or without a foot

Massage costumes with a built-in foot are dedicated to people who value discretion and do not want to reveal this part of the body during the procedure. A foot massage costume is also a good choice for people who have problems with circulation, as a result of which their feet are cold. A full-length costume with feet will also increase the comfort of patients in the autumn and winter seasons and will be an ideal solution for people sensitive to cold. It is worth having it in your office also when treatments and massages are offered on this very spot.
A vacuum massage costume without feet is also a frequent choice of many SPA salons and salons. Perfectly suited to the summer season, providing the feet with a pleasant feeling of coolness during the treatment. This type of costume will also work in beauty salons where other foot care treatments are performed at the same time during the vacuum massage. It is also a great choice for very tall people, for whom a standard size costume will not be enough.

Massage costume for women and men

Gentlemen are more and more willing to use various types of treatments, so it is worth having clothing adapted to massage for men in your salon. At LaSpa, we offer a men’s costume for massage, complete, without feet, tailored to the male figure. It adheres perfectly to the body, and the black color ensures maximum comfort and discretion. We also offer a massage T-shirt for men, which is ideal for treatments performed on the upper body.
A separate part of the offer are massage suits for women, in a white color version, available in models with or without feet. Very comfortable, seamless, they perfectly adapt to the shape of the female body, ensuring maximum comfort and safety during the procedure.

Disposable or reusable massage costumes

At LaSpa, we only offer reusable costumes. Thanks to this, after the procedure, you do not have to throw them away and buy a new outfit. Just wash them in the washing machine and take them with you on the next repetition. After completing a series of treatments, reusable costumes can be reused during booster treatments. Reusable massage costumes are a great choice for economic as well as ecological reasons.

Why choose LaSpa vacuum massage costumes?

LaSpa is a Polish manufacturer of professional treatment clothing with a long tradition. We have been operating on the market since 1993 and during this time we have gained the trust of many customers in the country and abroad. Our products are used by beauty parlors and SPA salons, who appreciate them for the high quality of workmanship and the use of the highest quality materials from proven manufacturers.
The highest quality of our vacuum massage costumes has been confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions, including:

  • Odkrycie roku 2010 – Laur Konsumenta,
  • Jakość Roku Złoto,
  • Przedsiębiorstwo na medal,
  • nominacja do znaku Teraz Polska.
    Nie osiadamy na laurach. Nieustannie się rozwijamy, udoskonalamy naszą technologię i park maszynowy, by jak najlepiej odpowiadać na potrzeby naszych Klientów.
    Wybierając kostiumy do masażu trzeba wziąć pod uwagę przede wszystkim oczekiwania i zapotrzebowanie klientów salonu. Dlatego warto mieć dostępne różne opcje. My jako producent odzieży służymy fachową pomocą. Jeśli szukasz wysokiej jakości odzieży do swojego gabinetu czy salonu SPA – zapraszamy do kontaktu. Odpowiemy na wszelkie pytania i pomożemy w doborze asortymentu.
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