Vacuum massage – 8 facts worth knowing

Endermology is one of the most popular treatments offered by virtually every beauty salon. If you are wondering whether to introduce it to your offer, check what else you do not know about vacuum massage.

Vacuum massage supports the reduction of excess kilograms

The Endermology treatment is an extremely effective way to model the figure and get rid of unnecessary kilograms, also from the most resistant places such as thighs, buttocks or stomach. Vacuum massage works on fatty deposits and stimulates cells to release unnecessary fat, which is removed in the metabolic process. Vacuum massage works on fatty deposits and stimulates cells to release unnecessary fat, which is removed in the metabolic process.

Vacuum massage works on fatty deposits and stimulates cells to release unnecessary fat, which is removed in the metabolic process.

Endermology allows you to effectively fight the so-called. orange peel. The treatment is performed using a device that sucks the skin fold between two rollers, subjecting it to mechanical pressure and suction. As a result, the treatment stimulates fibroblasts to function, improves venous and lymphatic circulation.

The Endermology treatment is performed in a special suit

The vacuum massage procedure is not performed on the naked body. The patient is dressed in a special costume, which is to facilitate the movement of the device head around the treatment area, increase the effectiveness and comfort of the patient. The vacuum massage suit prevents hair from pulling and pinching the skin. Because the endermology treatment is best performed in series, reusable vacuum massage suits will be the perfect solution. Thanks to this, the patient does not have to buy a new outfit every time. Just wash it and reuse it.

Everyone has their own endermology outfit

Outfit for vacuum massage – endermowear is selected individually to the patient’s figure, height and weight. Everyone has their own outfit, tailored to their individual needs. As a manufacturer of treatment clothing, we offer clothes in sizes from S to XXXL, in various colors. The massage suit is made of a very flexible material and although it may look inconspicuous, it is very stretchy and there is no risk that someone will not fit in the costume.

Vacuum massage is also ideal for men

Men are also more and more willing to use the Endermology treatment. Men also care about weight reduction, body shaping or removing excess water from the body. The procedure for men is the same. It is only recommended to choose a different treatment suit. At LaSpa, we offer costumes and T-shirts for vacuum massage for men, taking into account the structure and specificity of the male body. It is worth having them in your office so that every man feels comfortable during the procedure.

Endermology as preparation for training

Vacuum massage is an ideal treatment for people who want to take care of their figure, but also for physically active people. It has a warming effect, preparing tissues, muscles and ligaments for intense effort. It also works great in post-workout regeneration, helping to reduce muscle microdamages.

Endermology is non-invasive and painless

Vacuum massage is a natural and completely safe method of reducing many aesthetic defects and pain. It is a non-invasive and completely safe procedure, provided that it is performed by a person with appropriate qualifications. The quality of the device with which the procedure is performed is also important for the effectiveness of the procedure. When it comes to the patient’s feelings, the vacuum massage is practically painless. Any unpleasant sensations such as skin pinching or hair pulling are reduced by a special treatment suit. It should be made of light, airy material to ensure maximum comfort.

There are contraindications to perform the Endermology treatment

Although there are few of them, the vacuum massage procedure has several limitations. It should not be performed in people with active cancer, phlebitis, psoriasis or liver failure. The patient should be informed about contraindications before the procedure.
Vacuum massage is a versatile treatment that is worth having in your office’s offer. For our part, we offer the highest quality treatment clothing for women and men, as well as treatment accessories. Objects interested in cooperation are encouraged to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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