Beauty salon – what accessories is it worth investing in?

Salon kosmetyczny, w jakie akcesoria inwestować?

Today, an article on what equipment it pays to invest in a beauty salon. If you’ve recently opened your own practice (or just have plans to do so), this post is designed specifically for you. You’re welcome 🙂

Cosmetic accessories vs. beauty equipment

I won’t list expert equipment such as laser hair removal, pedicure machine or IPL – rather, I will focus on basic accessories that will work well in any beauty salon. Why don’t I want to replace professional equipment? Because you may be planning to open a salon with pedicures and manicures, and I will recommend you radiofrequency devices. Pointless.

If you are looking for advice on professional equipment – observe my blog. Soon I plan to launch a series of articles describing professional equipment for beauty salons.

Beauty accessories worth investing in

Okay, then let’s fly with the list:

– Towels and sheets. There are never too many of them. Instead of getting wrapped up in constantly washing your current towels and sheets, invest in some new ones.

– Head pillows. This is a nice addition not only for beauty salons, where treatments are performed lying down. This type of cushion will also be great for clients who are in a sitting position.

– Cosmetic chairs and hockers. Although the keyword here should be comfortable armchairs and hockers. If your clients are uncomfortable during their treatment or stay in the waiting room, well… they’ll remember it. And it’s rather not very positive.

– Mirrors. They look great and are extremely useful. If you have some money set aside and want to refresh the look of your beauty salon, then decorate the walls with chic mirrors.

– Lamps for lighting. Regardless of the cosmetic procedures performed – good lighting always plays first fiddle. Do not spare a penny on the lamps, and your work will become much more pleasant.

– Trash garbage cans. Believe me – working in a beauty salon is not a “clean job”. That’s why it’s better to put several garbage cans in your workplace in advance, and you won’t have to look for that one dumpster every time.

– Oils, creams, lotions, perfumes. Here the field is quite wide. You can be sure that if you let your client use a fragrant perfume or a rejuvenating face cream as a farewell, your salon will be positively remembered.

In truth, I could list endlessly like this. Ways to make your work easier and decorate your beauty salon are plentiful. I, however, will end here, because I would like to bite the topic from a slightly different angle as well.

Furniture accessories in your beauty salon

Personally, I also include some furniture in the accessories category. Admittedly, in the previous subsection I have already mentioned, for example, armchairs and hockers, but now I would like to move on to slightly “heavier” equipment that should work well in all beauty salons. It is:

– A cabinet for cosmetic tools. At first glance, it might seem that it would only take up space unnecessarily. After all, you can keep your tools on a table or the first better shelf. However, trust me that this is the wrong approach, and such a cabinet will come in handy for you sooner or later.

– Medical screen. Seriously, it’s worth it even if the procedures you perform don’t have much to do with nakedness. It will add a measure of comfort and privacy to your clients, and the visit to the beauty salon will go much more pleasantly.

– Armchair with massage function. You have probably seen such a marvel in shopping malls more than once. Put a similar invention in your waiting room and let your clients use it to their heart’s content. Even waiting your turn can be fun!

In general (as long as you have enough space for it) the more furniture, the more comfortable it is for you. Towels, sheets, cosmetic tools… all this you have to keep somewhere. There is quite a lot of it, and it is really easy to make quite a mess in your office. So, if my above suggestions didn’t get to you, make yourself comfortable and order an additional accessory closet. Of course, be careful not to get cluttered. A beauty salon needs space!

Why invest in salon beauty accessories?

Above all, focus on making sure your beauty accessories help you do your job, not just look pretty. Always put functionality first, and only then visual considerations. Working in a beauty salon seems simple, but it’s really easy to get lost without helpful accessories.

In addition, accessories in the beauty salon will allow you:

Improve the customer experience so they are more likely to return to you in the future.

Increase the salon’s competitiveness by keeping up with industry innovations.

Refresh the look of the office, so you don’t fall into a rut.

Besides – it is much more profitable to invest money in your salon, instead of waiting for half of its value to be consumed by inflation.

Now you know what accessories to invest in

As I wrote at the very beginning of the article – here I tried to cover the topic very generally. Later this month, I plan to start publishing regular posts about the most popular professional equipment used in beauty salons. So, if you care more about expertise than inspiration, visit my blog every Thursday at 2pm.

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