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Is collagen in tablets effective?

Czy kolagen w tabletkach jest skuteczny?

Wondering if collagen in pills is effective? Are you planning to start supplementation, but are accompanied by concerns? Below I discuss collagen and answer the title question. What is collagen and where does it come from? Collagen is a protein produced by our body. Its main function is to connect cells, which is why it […]

Microdermabrasion of the face – or a better version of peeling

mikrodermabrazja twarzy

Microdermabrasion is a name that simply can’t be pronounced correctly on the first try. However, it is a popular procedure that a whole lot of patients in cosmetic surgeries opt for. What does it consist of? What types are there? What effects does it have? Are there contraindications to it? I discuss all these issues below.

Dermapen – how does pricking the skin with micro-needles work?

Dermapen - mezoterapia mikroigłowa

Dermapen is a procedure that arouses rather extreme emotions. On the one hand, its effects are really satisfactory, but on the other – many people’s hair stands on end at the very thought of it. Is skin pricking with micro-needles really as scary as they paint it? I have tried to answer all the most important questions about dermapen in the following article.

Cosmetic price list. Do you know how much you should charge for services?

Are you planning to open a beauty salon and do not know how much to price your services? Or maybe you want to raise prices, but you don’t know how much? First of all – there is no ready answer. However, I will tell you what the cosmetic price list depends on and how to safely raise prices.