Is endermologie painful? A concrete answer

Czy endermologia jest bolesna

There is a perception among my female clients that endermologie is a painful procedure. I completely disagree with this thesis – although this does not mean that discomfort does not have the right to occur. Today we’ll completely answer the question of whether endermologie is painful and I’ll reveal some tricks on how to make the procedure more enjoyable. You are invited!

Does endermologie hurt? A common dilemma

To understand this problem, at the very beginning we need to understand how endermologie actually works. It is a non-invasive massage technique, during which a special vacuum device is used. This procedure has quite a few advantages (e.g., reducing cellulite, improving blood circulation), but many people do not opt for it due to fear of pain. Is it right?

The main defendant is usually the previously mentioned vacuum massager. Highly sensitive or ill people may experience pain – but they should not benefit from the procedure. During endermologie, the skin is suctioned and then stretched and kneaded. Admittedly, the description sounds terrible, but in reality the treatment is quite pleasant. However, as many people, as many opinions….

What sensations can accompany endermologie?

Patients’ experiences during the procedure can vary widely. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones:

  • Heat. Endermologie increases blood flow in the treated area. As a result, you may feel a slight warmth, but it is usually not associated with anything negative.
  • Tingling. Improved circulation is not only a warm feeling, but also a tingling sensation. However, as before – it is rather pleasant. And after the treatment is over, the muscles become relaxed.
  • Voltage. This is already a less expected experience, unfortunately. Suction and massage can make the skin feel tight during and just after the treatment. Fortunately, this feeling passes quickly.

Well. You already know what sensations you may experience during endermologie. However, we still haven’t learned the answer to the title question. Let’s check out what female Internet users have to say about it.

Is endermologie painful? User comments

Let’s take a peek at popular user statements:

“When done correctly, the procedure doesn’t hurt.” – I agree 100 percent. While I don’t want to lump everyone together, cosmetologists who perform endermologie are professionals. They will do everything to make the treatment enjoyable for you and make you want to return to the salon again.

“The treatment hurts when you are tense”. – here also the truth itself. No matter how you look at it – any kind of massage can be painful if you are tense. Therefore, approach endermologie with detachment, and I guarantee that you will be much better off. Besides, the body gets used to it over time.

“A lot of clients are being told they’re in pain.” – hard to disagree with that. Our brain is a powerful tool – when you tell yourself that something is painful and unpleasant, it greatly increases the chance that it will actually be so. So go to the salon with the idea that endermologie is a relaxing treatment, and you’ll be fine!

What to do when pain occurs? Minimize discomfort

We have already established that endermologie should not hurt. But what if you start to feel discomfort after all?

Then there is one thing you can do, and that is: tell your cosmetologist about it right away! Really – there is no point in being ashamed and hiding the fact. Many vacuum massage devices have several power levels, so changing the intensity will not be a challenge for the specialist.

In addition, it is worth taking care of yourself AFTER the treatment, that is:

  • Relaxation and relaxation. This was mentioned by one user (the procedure hurts when you are tense). So try to stretch or meditate before your scheduled endermologie. It may sound trivial, but it will certainly reduce the discomfort experienced.
  • Endermology outfit. A professional suit is not only comfortable, but also has a protective effect. As a manufacturer of outfits for massages and treatments, I invite you to visit my store – you can visit it by clicking on this link:
  • Just give yourself time. Each of us is different and has a different pain threshold. For one, endermologie will be enjoyable right from the start, while the other will need some time. Maybe you just belong to the latter group and need to get used to it?

For me personally, endermologie was never painful, although in fact – in my imaginations the whole procedure looked completely different. And I’ll even say more: the procedure turned out to be pleasant in its own way, and I learned to enjoy it. Which I wish for you too 🙂 .

Is endermologie painful? Summary

So we delved into the ins and outs of this procedure and answered the question of whether endermologie is painful. Well, as is usually the case in life, it all depends. For some, it may be a relaxing massage straight out of a luxury spa, but for others, not quite.

Remember, endermologie is not a boxing ring. So relax, communicate your needs, and if you feel discomfort – don’t be afraid to say “stop.” Good luck!

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Thanks for reading, until the next one!

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