Endermologie – How Long Do the Effects Last?

endermologia — jak długo utrzymują się efekty

I have actually written quite a few articles about endermologie. On my blog you will find posts about both the positives of this procedure, side effects and contraindications. Today it is time for another important question, namely “how long do the effects of endermologie last?”. I will try to answer this question as accurately as possible. You are invited!

Effects after several and after one endermologie treatment

Among the most important benefits of systematic endermologie are the elimination of fat and cellulite, improved circulation, lymphatic health, and, of course, improved skin condition. On this topic I have written much more extensively in this article: Endermologie – effects (and additional advice from us).

Immediate effects after a single treatment

To feel the above benefits, endermologie should be attended regularly. This is because they will appear after a few to a dozen visits to the beauty salon. However, many clients expect immediate results after treatment. Well, they also come up, and among the most important of them I include:

A sense of relaxation. Patients describe the endermologie treatment as relaxing and restful. Any way you look at it – it’s still a massage. So expect your muscles and joints to relax.

Improve blood circulation. The treatment leads to a local increase in blood flow, which often results in a pleasant feeling of warmth over the treated areas.

Better skin tone. With endermologie, the skin also gains a healthier tone, brightness and radiance. After the first time, of course, the effect is less noticeable than with regular sessions.

The effects, such as relaxation, improved circulation and better skin tone, are short-lived. They may persist for up to several days after treatment. Therefore, to maximize the benefits, use endermologie regularly.

Endermologie – how long do the effects of regular sessions last?

Right. Let’s assume that you go to the treatment systematically. How long, then, will the effects last? Here we need to consider the frequency of treatments and their impact on the longevity of the effects.

Important note: do not consider the following information as a blueprint for treatment. Before endermologie, consult a specialist who will assess your condition and make appropriate recommendations.

Initial cycle of endermologie treatments

Experts usually recommend opting for a series of about 10-15 endermologie treatments at first. Carry them out 1-2 times a week. This intense initial cycle is designed to initiate processes in the skin and tissues, such as stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

It is during this phase that the procedure is most easily discouraged. Although you may feel the previously mentioned relaxation, improved circulation or better skin tone, the long-lasting effects have yet to appear. The most important thing is to endure the first few-or-so sessions, and then it will only get better.

Phase of maintaining positive effects

After the initial cycle, it is usually recommended to carry out regular maintenance treatments every 2-4 weeks. Although I remind you once again: the frequency of these treatments depends on the individual needs and goals of the patient. Ultimately, everything should be decided by a specialist!

This is the phase during which most patients already begin to feel the long-lasting effects of the treatments. Cellulite gradually begins to fade, the skin looks much younger, and the mood… is just better. Remember not to give up on endermologie after feeling these effects, as they may fade.

How long do the effects last and what affects it?

If you attend regular maintenance treatments, you will be able to enjoy the results of endermologie for a long time. In addition, the longevity of benefits is also affected:

Your lifestyle. If you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, have an unhealthy diet, and on top of that lead a sedentary lifestyle – it will be very difficult for the effects to take hold. Take care of your health and you will feel much healthier even without endermologie.

Genetics. While I don’t like to make excuses for genetics, it has a big impact on our appearance. Some people have naturally stronger and more elastic skin, which may respond better to endermologie treatments and maintain the effects for a longer period of time.

Health status. People with skin diseases or significant health problems may need more treatments, and the effects will nonetheless fade faster. Just keep in mind that some medical conditions disqualify from endermologie, so don’t make decisions on your own.

The age of the patient is also important, although in this case it is not worth generalizing. Bottom line: the effects of endermologie can last from a few weeks to a few months, or even longer. It all depends on the approach to the procedure and regularity. It will also be helpful to lead a healthy lifestyle, which means simply taking care of yourself outside the beauty salon as well.

How to improve comfort during an endermologie treatment?

In my opinion, it is worth equipping yourself with a good endermologie outfit. The suit provides a barrier between the machine and the patient’s skin, which helps maintain hygiene during the procedure. It’s also made of lightweight and breathable material, so skin protection is comfortable. In addition, the suit allows the device to glide better over the skin, allowing the treatment to be performed more efficiently.

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