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How much does a cosmetologist earn in Warsaw? The rates are pretty good

Ile zarabia kosmetolog w Warszawie

In our capital, Warsaw, wages are much higher than in other cities. However, there is no reason to jump for joy – because the cost of living is also higher there. OK, but back to the point: as an endermologie outfit salesman, I know several cosmetologists and I know that salaries in this industry can really vary. However, how much does a cosmetologist in Warsaw earn? Is it worth pursuing this profession in the capital? To answer this question, I took the liberty of compiling some earnings statistics and data from job posting portals. You are invited!

How much does a cosmetologist earn in Warsaw – statistics

It’s hard to find reliable information on the salaries of cosmetologists in Warsaw alone, so I’ll use nationwide statistics from the website wynagrodzenia.pl.

According to the information contained therein:cosmetologists earn from PLN 3,700 gross to PLN 5,540 gross, making the median salary PLN 4,530 gross.

Now let’s see what it looks like “on hand”: cosmetologists earn from PLN 2,850 net to PLN 4,100 net, so in this case the median salary is PLN 3,400 net.

Since today’s topic is how much a cosmetologist earns in Warsaw (and not in Poland in general), I would suggest looking at the upper end of the fork I just outlined.

Not to “ifbid,” I also checked a popular Polish job posting service, and the forks presented by employers coincide with the above statistics.

What affects the earnings of cosmetologists in Warsaw?

The earnings of cosmetologists in Warsaw are influenced by the following factors:

  • Seniority – the longer you work in the cosmetology profession, the more experience you have, and consequently: your salary is also higher.
  • Education-Beginning cosmetologists can have an easier “income start” by completing the right school. Of course, the further into the woods one gets, the more earnings depend on actual skills, and education falls to the background.
  • Type of employment – that is, employment contract, contract of mandate or own business. You may feel most stable in the proverbial “full-time job,” while it is running a business that allows you to earn the highest wages. However, I have already written on the subject of a cosmetologist with his own beauty salon here: How much does a cosmetologist with his own salon earn?

In Warsaw, not only are the salaries of cosmetologists slightly higher, but there is also a greater demand for such specialists. Anyway: just compare how many beauty salons are located in the capital and how many in smaller towns.

Of course, more demand also means more competition, but nothing is free 🙂 .

The future of the cosmetology profession in Warsaw – is it worth training?

Remember that cosmetology is a field that is developing very rapidly. In addition, Warsaw, as the capital of Poland, is particularly vulnerable to the impact of new trends. How is the cosmetology profession created and is it worth training in this direction? In my opinion, the future looks very promising 😉 .

First of all – the demand will be increasing

Unless there is a global crisis (and I hope there isn’t), the demand for cosmetic services will only increase. And I have 2 arguments for this:

  • First: modern technologies are increasingly entering the world of cosmetology. Laser hair removal, needle mesotherapy or advanced lifting procedures are just some of the many procedures that require experts in their field. And despite appearances, there are not many of them. So it is worth filling this gap in the market!
  • Second: customers are becoming more aware and demanding, and they care more about their appearance. They are also looking for specialists who not only offer treatments, but also provide care advice and a holistic approach to clients. So knowledge of dietetics, psychology or even medicine will come in handy. Cosmetology is really a flexible profession 🙂 .

This leads me to believe that the future of the cosmetologist in Warsaw (as well as the whole of Poland) is shaping up very well, and if you feel like it – it is worth training in this direction.

How much does a cosmetologist earn in Warsaw – summary

In the big picture:

  • Cosmetologists earn an average gross salary of PLN 4,530, which translates into a net salary of PLN 3,400. Since we are talking about the capital of Poland, Warsaw, we can count on slightly higher (several / a dozen %) earnings.
  • Many factors contribute to the salary, but among the most important are seniority, education and type of employment (e.g. full-time / self-employed).
  • The future of the cosmetology profession (in my opinion) is creating very well not only in Warsaw, but all over the country, and if you have such interests – nothing but to train and practice in practice!

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