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Outfit for Endermology – is such clothing needed during the procedure?

Hi, Endermology is a treatment that has recently gained a lot of popularity. However, many people do not realize that a specialized costume is required for it. In today’s article, we’ll tell you a bit more about it – so you don’t have to keep searching the internet 🙂. We invite you to read!

So let’s start with the basic, most important question. And this:

Special clothing for Endermology – is it necessary at all?

And I answer: yes! To perform an endermology treatment, you must have the right outfit! Many people are not aware of this, thinking that during this type of procedure it is enough to undress.

Sometimes, however, there are cases in which a given office does not require a coverall – only informing that the cosmetologist will use a special olive, thanks to which the device will slide over the skin. Then what?

Even if it is not required – it is worth having an Endermology Outfit. But you will find out why in the next paragraph 😉 .

Why is it worth having an Endermology Suit?

This part can be divided into three subcategories: client protection, intimacy and convenience of work for the cosmetologist.

However, in turn.

Protecting the client from injury

The Endermology treatment – although it is considered very safe – can cause discomfort in more sensitive people. We are talking here, for example, about pulling hair on the skin or pinching.

Fortunately, a properly selected Endermology Outfit is able to eliminate these elements.

Customer intimacy

There are many people in this world who do not like to undress in front of strangers (we also “don’t like it” 😅).

If this problem also applies to you – then you have another reason to buy the Endermology Suit. It will perfectly cover the intimate parts of your body … and it will be very comfortable on you.

More comfortable work of a cosmetologist

If you think that operating a massager is a piece of cake… then you’ve probably never had one in your hands before. And any professional cosmetologist will tell you about it.

However, a special suit will make the movements of the head much smoother, and the whole procedure will simply be more pleasant – of course for both parties.

Okay, now let’s talk about the specs of such an outfit for a moment, so…

What should an Endermology suit be made of?

This issue is, unfortunately-unfortunately, very flexible. Because there is really no top-down rule saying that the Endermology Suit should be made of “such and such” material.

The suit should simply provide comfort during the massage and meet the basic hygiene rules.

And these are the assumptions we focused on in LaSpa 🙂.

Why LaSpa costumes?

It will sound trivial, but … our costumes provide full comfort and safety. That is, like everyone, from any store. Only that we are serious 😋

Our products have been appreciated by experts around the world … we have not even received a few awards that you can read about on this subpage.

But okay, end of boasting.

When designing our costumes, we also focused on making them last for many treatments. At the customer’s request, we can also print your own logo on the outfit.

So, regardless of whether you are an individual customer or you run a business – take a look at our store (after all, just checking it costs nothing).

Endermology outfit – questions you probably want to ask

Finally, we have prepared for you a handful of questions that our customers ask us most often. And they are probably on your mind as well 🙂

Is the Endermology Suit disposable? No, it’s not – you can use it as many times as you like. However, remember that one outfit is for one customer only – so don’t lend it to anyone. Anyway, it’s unhygienic.

Is such an outfit suitable only for Endermology? Of course not. In our store you will find many professional suits – including those for SPA, cosmetic and rehabilitation treatments. We don’t like to limit ourselves 😉

Are endermology suits unisex? If you can fit…then why not? But seriously – in our LaSpa store you will find both men’s and women’s clothes. Our bodies are very different from each other, so it would be pointless to create one outfit for both sexes.

In summary

We know many of you are scrolling straight to the summary (not pretty!).

So, very simply:

In order to safely perform the Endermology treatment, a special outfit is necessary (get it even if the beauty salon you choose does not require it).

Such a suit is not only safe for your skin, but also psychological comfort and facilitates the work of a cosmetologist.

When choosing an outfit, make sure it is flexible and comfortable (although when buying from our LaSpa store, you can be sure of the highest quality 🙂).

We still didn’t encourage you to buy? Then visit our store and take a look at these attractive prices (we are not sneaky at all … why 😉).

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Best regards!

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