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In today’s article, we would like to introduce you to our products. We will not stop at basic functions such as protecting the skin and devices and preventing hair from pulling during the procedure. Of course, our products dedicated to vacuum massage treatments meet all of them, but we would like to discuss no less important characteristics that are a breakthrough on the market and provide an advantage over the competition.

Topics we will cover:

  1. Flat seams >> maximum skin contact.
  2. Low-dust material >> aesthetics in the workplace.
  3. Flexible, stretchy material >> fit to any figure and a wide range of sizes.
  4. Possibility of placing a logo >> personalization of our clothes for your salon.
  5. Friendly prices compared to the competition.

In our store, we always approach each client individually, as well as we focus on finding the best solutions on the market for treatments based on vacuum massages.

Just as you provide your clients with an effective way to improve the condition of the skin, we, as a manufacturer of professional clothes for treatments, provide the best possible products for your salons.

Aesthetics in the workplace

One of the most important elements in the work of a specialist is aesthetics and immaculateness in the workplace. These aspects are important both from the point of view of the specialist performing the procedure and the client. That is why our clothes for vacuum procedures are made of non-dusting materials that allow you to keep order during the procedure.

In the following points, we would like to discuss the aspects affecting the quality of the treatment and how our massage suits can improve it. In vacuum treatments, we want the contact with the client’s skin to be as good as possible.

Maximum skin contact

The flat seams of our endermologie suits support maximum skin contact, so you can be sure that the treatment has been performed with maximum accuracy.

Adapting to every figure

The flexible, stretchy material of the costume is also a point that specialists in endermology massage pay attention to. If you have already used our products, you have noticed how they adapt to each line of the client’s body, which definitely increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

We selected the material of our products in accordance with the expectations of professionals in the industry, as well as the customer’s comfort during endermology treatments.

That is why the product we have created perfectly adapts to every figure and does not cause difficulties when putting on.

Our offer includes a wide and varied range of sizes from S to 4XL, so you can guarantee your customers a perfect fit.

Customization of massage suits

For salons that care about personalization, we provide the option of placing your own logo on the products ordered from us.

Aesthetically-looking clothing for spa treatments for clients is a must-have element for every salon that cares about the image of its company. Logging in clothes for endermology treatments will not only allow the salon to stand out from the competition, but also allows the client to identify with the salon brand.

Just send us your logo design and we’ll do the rest. In the case of personalized orders, the delivery time will be slightly extended – up to a maximum of 5 working days.

Friendly prices

Another point concerns our friendly prices compared to the competition. The prices of our products and delivery are perfectly balanced in the context of the comprehensiveness of our services. Low prices compared to the competition.

We know that time is of the essence for you, so we focused on attractive delivery methods and expanded the borders by sending orders to countries around the world. If you have not found your country on our website, please contact us, we will check the delivery options to your salon.

We hope that the above information has brought you closer to our products and their most important characteristics.

If we have not addressed issues that are important to you, please contact us via the form available on our website.

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