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Endermologie treatments – effects (and additional advice from us)

Hi, Our clients often wonder if it is worth going to Endermologie. And frankly, it doesn’t surprise us at all. After all, this procedure in Poland seems to be still in its infancy.

In today’s post, we will focus on the positive effects of Endermology (and perhaps we will encourage you to use it). We will also provide additional advice from us.

Welcome 🙂.

Endermology – effects before and after the session

The effects of Endermology can be divided into two categories – in terms of health and appearance.

However, we decided to combine them into one. After all, a healthy body is a beautiful body – and vice versa.

So we don’t extend and we’re getting down to business 😁.

Elimination of fat and cellulite

It’s hard to mention at the beginning about another effect of Endermology, like the elimination of fat.

Many people choose this procedure mainly because they want to lose weight.

All this is possible thanks to a process called “lipolysis”, which is nothing else than the breakdown of fat cells and the acceleration of their metabolism.

However, we are honest with our readers – that’s why we want to point out that without a proper diet and physical activity, Endermology itself will not shape the body like an athlete.

Treat it as an addition to a healthy lifestyle, not its main element.

Of course, cellulite reduction will also help with everything – but the cosmetologist will take care of that 😉.

Improving circulation

Endermology is also a great treatment for people struggling with cardiovascular diseases.

Even one session can contribute to improving the transport of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues throughout the body.

Supporting the circulatory system also translates into increased energy and improved well-being.

This does not mean, however, that only people struggling with cardiovascular diseases should go to Endermologie!

Drugs, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle affect more and more of society 😓.

And all this can negatively affect the circulatory system in the future.

So prevention is better than cure!

Lymphatic health

The lymphatic system in the human body is responsible for removing toxins from the body.

However, its proper condition is often underestimated. We will say more – many people are not even aware of its existence!

It is best to take care of the lymphatic system through regular physical exercise, i.e. the so-called active rest. Although it is not the only method.

Of course, Endermology, which supports lymph circulation, and thus detoxifies the body, can also be helpful. 🧟

Endermology treatments – are these all the advantages?

Of course, this is only a small part of all the advantages of the Endermology treatment.

The others also include brightening the skin, smoothing wrinkles, or simply relaxing and relaxing – which are also extremely important for health.

However, we still have two important issues to discuss regarding the effects of the Endermology treatment.

When are the effects of Endermology noticeable?

Some effects may be noticeable after the first visit. We mean here mainly the stimulation of the circulatory system and general relaxation of the whole body.

There is a reason, however, several visits to the Endermology office are recommended ❗.

Thus, for example, the disappearance of cellulite will be noticeable after a minimum of 5 treatments, and the full improvement of the figure and skin firmness – after more than ten.

How long do the effects of Endermology last?

There is no one universal answer to this question.

For some people it may be a month, and for others … a lifetime!

Everything here depends on two things:

the body of a given person – because each of us is different and it makes no sense to put everyone in one bag,

lifestyle – but we’ll talk more about that in a moment.

So… what about this lifestyle 🤔?

Endermology treatments and a healthy lifestyle

Many people say that it is worth combining Endermology with healthy habits. However, we will go a step further and say that they SHOULD be combined.

This treatment may prove ineffective if your life is full of bad habits – such as eating junk food or not doing any physical activity.

We can compare it to a car that is cleaned several times a week, but has not seen a mechanic in many years.

The industry is a bit different, but the principle is really similar 🙂.

So if you want to enjoy health and well-being – apart from Endermology, take care of a balanced diet and sport 🍎 🏋️.

Skin protection – is it worth having an Endermology suit?

Regardless of whether you aim for the effects after 1 Endermology treatment, or after 5 or 10 treatments – it is really worth taking care of the safety of your skin.

For years, we have been helping offices and private clients through the production of Endermology Outfits.

Their use is, among others, increased protection against skin injuries and more comfortable work for the cosmetologist.

For us personally, it is a must-have item 😉.

The suits are reusable, and in addition to Endermology, you can also use them for other types of treatments.

But enough of our chatter.

If you are curious – we invite you to our store.

In the meantime, thanks for reading our post on the effects of Endermology.

We hope you will visit our blog in the future 🙂.

Best regards!

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