Do you have to undress for a massage? Today about intimacy

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If we were to create a list of questions that customers most often ask before a massage, one of them would certainly be “do I need to undress?“.

And it’s not surprising at all – after all, not all of us feel comfortable parading naked in front of strangers.

So many intimate questions arise.

So we decided to answer them so that you don’t have to ask them directly to the masseur or physiotherapist.

Well, we invite you to read! 😀

Massage is not equal to massage – or about differences in salons

We assume that this is obvious to you, but each massage parlor may have slightly different rules. Both those regarding clothing and other spheres of service.

So if you are waiting for a visit and you have any doubts, and for example you are wondering if you need to undress during a massage, then … don’t comb the internet, just grab the phone 📱 and ask in person!

But okay – we realize that some people really don’t like talking to strangers about such intimate things.

That’s why we’ve written a little about it below. 😉

Do you have to undress during the massage – what is it usually like?

Here it all depends on whether you are going for a holistic massage or whether it will cover only small parts of your body.

The unwritten rule of many massage parlors is that only those parts of the body that will be treated are exposed.

So if you are planning a neck massage, don’t worry – you probably won’t have to take your pants off 🙂

However, keep in mind that a masseur or physiotherapist can approach your problem more comprehensively.

This is often the case with upper back pain, for example, when the masseur may decide that the lower back needs to be treated as well so that you can deal with your problem.

Then your pants will probably have to go down.

Massage without clothes – option 1: underwear

The first option when having a massage without clothes is to leave your underwear on.

We really can’t imagine a situation where the masseur would be disturbed by panties 🩲.

However, you should be prepared for the fact that you may be asked to unhook your bra – for the purpose of a back massage, of course.

The key word here, of course, is “unfasten“, not “pull“.

So your breasts will be covered all the time 😅

Massage without clothes – option 2: towel

Good news for the more shy people – you can still cover yourself up.

Many massage parlors or SPA centers do not mind covering oneself with a towel – we will say even more: they often offer to cover themselves.

Thanks to this, you will be able to feel much more comfortable than in underwear alone.

And only those parts of the body that are currently being massaged will be uncovered. 👍

However, you will not miss the “naked inspection”

But you’re unlikely to miss what we like to call a “naked inspection.”

Every good physiotherapist and masseur should start with a thorough interview with the patient.

Be thorough and answer all questions honestly.

When the interview phase is over, the specialist will certainly want to see your body – if only in terms of whether you have any posture defects 🤸.

So you’ll have to strip down to your underwear.

We are aware that this can be an embarrassing experience, but relax – you will finally be talking to a professional 🥼 for whom this type of activity is already a daily routine.

So you don’t have to worry about any lewd innuendos or insinuations from a professional.

Try to treat everything like a visit to the family doctor.

Can a masseur assess what my body looks like?

Time for a little anecdote 😀

We once found an article that discussed the most frequently asked questions about massage therapists. One of them was something like “can a masseur judge what my body looks like?”.

The answer was no, no serious massage therapist should ever comment on your body shape.

We grabbed our heads at this point: “how should he not comment on the appearance of the body?“.

Because it should be quite the opposite – the masseur should inform us about our posture defects and other disturbing things that he notices when looking at our naked body.

Probably the author of this article had unfavorable comments about attractiveness … but nevertheless all this caught our eye 🙂

How many massages, so many opinions

There are a whole lot of different types of massages: from therapeutic to relaxing.

And as we mentioned at the beginning – the most reasonable will be to call and directly ask if you need to undress during the massage. 💆

Or maybe a suit for SPA treatments?

Personally, we specialize in clothes for SPA, cosmetic and rehabilitation treatments 👙.

Their use is not only comfortable for you – the patient – but also for the masseur.

Of course, ask first if you can come in this kind of outfit.

We invite you to our store (press here) – there you will find more information.

And thank you very much for reading our post 🙂

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