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What to take to the SPA? – that is, we pack our leisure bag

Hi 🙂

As a manufacturer of professional clothes for SPA treatments, we often hear the question … what is worth taking to a resort?

If you also ask yourself a similar question, because the first visit to this type of place is just ahead of you – then you’ve come to the right article 😀

In a moment we will tell you about everything you need to take to the SPA.

What things should you take to the SPA?

Imagine that instead of going to a resort, you are going to a regular, municipal swimming pool.

You can pack exactly how you like it.

It is true that every professional SPA should be equipped with elements such as bathrobes, towels and shampoos …

… however, to be sure, it is worth calling and asking additionally.

However, we are well aware that there may be a lot of women among our readers who do not like to use “public things” 😉.

In that case, be sure to put the following items in your bag.

First of all – a towel

No towel to the SPA, don’t move! It is thanks to it that you will be able to cover your naked body and wipe yourself after the procedure. 💦

Be sure to bring a towel in this larger version.

That is, one that, when unfolded, will easily cover you completely.

Our personal favorites are 100% cotton towels.

Mainly because they are extremely soft to the touch – which is very pleasant during a stay in the SPA.

In addition – a bathrobe

Although a bathrobe is not required, it is highly recommended.

It’s a premium towel that will make you feel at home.🏠

Some people use a SPA robe as an alternative to a towel…

…which we don’t think is the best idea.

While it will perfectly absorb moisture from your skin, it’s worth wrapping your wet hair 👱 with an additional towel.

Underwear (swimming trunks are recommended)

Even when you pack a towel and bathrobe, you can’t forget about … panties.

And contrary to appearances, it happens quite often 😀.

During various types of treatments in the SPA, you will have to put down your accessories for a while and stay in your underwear.

Then panties and bra will be irreplaceable 👙.

Tastes are different, but we personally recommend taking swimming trunks with you.

Remember that during your stay in the SPA you can help yourself a bit 😉

Washing accessories

Most women only take shower gel and shampoo with them…

… however, we would add a sponge to this set 🧽.

After spa treatments, you will almost certainly go for a hot bath and/or shower.

Then it is worth washing off the remnants of the treatments. 💦

This advice should be taken to heart in particular by people whose skin is sensitive and requires special care cosmetics.

Take them with you too! 👍

Is that all you need to take to the SPA?

In fact, you know best what you should take to the spa… And only You!

After all, each of us has different requirements and is used to different standards 💃.

If you can’t imagine wrapping your hair in a towel, take a hairdryer with you.

On the other hand, if you don’t put your feet in disposable footwear intended for guests … then bring your own slippers.

The examples, however, can be enumerated indefinitely.

In short: take with you what you find useful.

And you can leave excess baggage in the cloakroom at most 🙂.

We are packing for the SPA – the most common mistakes of our clients

Some of them may seem funny and unthinkable…

…however, many people often make the following mistakes when packing for a spa.

Ready 😀?

No checking of your SPA

Every professional SPA should have its own website 📄.

It is usually on it that there is a list of necessary accessories that you should take.

And if there is no website – you can always contact us by phone and ask ☎️.

Remember that not all resorts are equipped the same.

Keep this in mind when packing.

One-piece swimsuit

Take with you to the SPA bathing suit, they said. Everything will be fine, they said.

You don’t even realize how many awkward situations a one-piece swimsuit can bring you.

Finally – how to cover intimate places during the procedure, leaving the back uncovered?🤔

So don’t make that mistake and take separate swim briefs and a bra… 👙

…well, unless you don’t mind using disposable disposables for guests.

Stress before the visit

At the very end, not the thing you should take … but the attitude – because that’s what most women forget about 🙂.

After all, a SPA is a place where you should relax.🧖

Take a relaxed approach to everything, and your holiday will certainly be successful.

Professional SPA outfit

We produce professional outfits for treatments.

As our name – LaSpa already reveals – we also create uniforms for … SPA 🙂.

We could write about our products here … but why?

They are simply great and will be perfect for both SPA and Endermology treatments.

Anyway – for more information, please visit our store. Just press ➡️ HERE ⬅️

Thank you for reading our post on what to bring to the spa.

We hope you enjoyed reading it and all your doubts have been dispelled. 🙂

Greetings and wish you … peace!

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