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Endermology – contraindications to the procedure (and a few words about observation)

Hi. Our previous entries on Endermology were very warmly received. Thank you! 🙂

Our clients often wonder if anyone can use the Endermology treatment, or are there any contraindications?

So we have prepared an article for you that should dispel all doubts on this subject.

However, before we get into specifics, remember that…

The doctor should decide about the Endermology procedure

Treat our entry on contraindications to Endermology as a supporting material.

You should ask your doctor 😷 troubling questions who will tell you if your health qualifies you for the procedure.

So, now that this issue is clear, we can proceed to the merits.

What are the contraindications to Endermology?

The main contraindications to Endermology include, among others, varicose veins, angiomas, cancer, pregnancy or even implants.

However, this issue is not a zero-one, which is why some contraindications deserve a few sentences of discussion.

Broken capillaries and Endermology

Many people live in the erroneous belief that Endermology will “heal” broken capillaries. This is of course not true, because both damaged blood vessels and varicose veins are something that disqualifies the procedure.

However, it is not worth going to extremes. If broken capillaries occur only locally, these areas may simply be omitted by the cosmetologist. Then the procedure should be safe for you 👍.

And yes – you guessed it – if you tend to have broken capillaries or varicose veins, you should consult your doctor before using Endermologie.

What about pregnancy?

We grab our heads every time a given Endermology clinic guarantees 100% safety for pregnant women.

It’s true that this is a minimally invasive procedure – but pregnancy 🫄 is a special time in a woman’s life and it’s really not worth the risk. Especially during the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is much higher.

Of course, we don’t want to scare women here 😅, but if you are expecting a child or are breastfeeding – we would personally advise you to wait a bit with the Endermology procedure.

Cancer and surgery

Among the contraindications to Endermology, we also mentioned cancer. This does not mean, however, that people suffering from “cancer” absolutely cannot use this type of treatment.

Personally, it is difficult for us to classify cancer as one disease, because it can involve different parts of the body and be at different stages of development. So what’s the point of throwing it all into one bag? 🤷

Many patients suffering from “cancer” use aesthetic medicine treatments (not only Endermologie). But this, of course, should be decided by the oncologist, who has the final say in this matter.

What about facial changes?

Important information for people who plan to undergo an Endermology facial treatment – if you experience skin changes, you should be careful.

The “facial” contraindications to Endermology include, among others, herpes, acne or other inflammations. If there is a filler under your skin, unfortunately, the procedure may not be completely safe for you.

So don’t forget to inform the cosmetologist about what is under your beautiful face. Only without lying 😉!

The most important rule: watch your body!

Remember that no cosmetic procedure is 100% safe. Even if everything went well with a thousand patients, it does not mean that you are risk-free.

The most important rule is therefore … observation of your body. Do this especially if you have any of the above-mentioned contraindications.

If you experience pain or even discomfort – immediately inform the cosmetologist performing Endermology. Even during the procedure!

Is sensitive skin a contraindication to Endermology?

Sensitive skin is not on the list of contraindications to Endermology. Of course, everything within reason – if you feel that the procedure is unpleasant: stop it.

After all, sensitive skin is not a rare condition, and yet many women who have it, decide to use Endermologie.

How is this possible? 🤔

A specialized Endermology outfit may prove useful. Not all facilities require it (which we don’t think is correct), but it’s really worth having (especially if your skin doesn’t like cosmetic treatments).

Thanks to it, it will be much more comfortable for both you – the patient and the cosmetologist. Your skin will not have direct contact with the device, and you will feel much more intimate.

We could now write about our products, but the easiest way will be if you take a look at our store yourself. Oh here!

Contraindications to Endermologie – summary

As you can see, it is worth being careful and controlling your own body.

And remember that contact with a doctor 🧑 ⚕️ who will watch you with his own eyes is priceless!

Thank you for reading our post about contraindications.

Best regards! 😀

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