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Endermology – side effects. What are they and can they be dangerous?

Endermology, like any other cosmetic procedure, can cause side effects. Fortunately, they do not happen very often and are usually very mild. In today’s article I will discuss the most important of them – I invite you to read 🙂.

Endermologie (not) one hundred percent safe

The endermology treatment is relatively safe for most patients. However, I do not support saying that in 100% of cases there are no side effects – because unfortunately this is false❗

You should be informed about all potential risks by the cosmetologist performing the procedure. If you do endermology with a professional, he should have no problem warning you about possible unwanted effects.

Endermology – side effects. What are they exactly?

Below I will present you the most common side effects of endermology reported by patients.

First of all – pain and discomfort

I have been wondering for a long time whether it is worth mentioning pain and discomfort among the undesirable effects … but as you can see, I decided that it was 😉.

These unpleasant symptoms can manifest themselves during: a) the effect of negative pressure, or b) the pressure of the roller on the skin. Most often, however, it happens that discomfort occurs as a result of both of these activities at once.

At this point, it is worth dividing this side effect of endermology into two more categories: a) the patient’s pain threshold, and b) experience of the person performing the procedure.

Usually, it is enough to ask the cosmetologist to perform the movements a little more gently, and the discomfort should disappear. A problem may arise when the patient’s pain threshold is so low that performing the procedure will be practically impossible. Then, of course, it should be stopped❗

Fortunately, these are extremely rare cases. You can trust me that for most people the endermology treatment is very pleasant, and there is no mention of discomfort 🙂.

Bruises and other skin changes

Some people are simply more prone to bruises after endermology. And by “other skin changes” I mean mainly redness.

Is this a serious side effect? As a rule, no, and unpleasant marks should disappear after a maximum of a few days. However, I know from experience that many patients are slightly oversensitive about the appearance of their body, so it’s worth mentioning them 😉.

Also, keep in mind that after the endermology treatment, so-called petechiae, i.e. small spots due to the violation of capillaries, may appear. They look a bit like a rash, but usually they do not pose much danger. For peace of mind, however, it is worth going to the doctor if they cause you anxiety.

Are these side effects dangerous?

That’s it for the most common side effects of endermology. There aren’t too many of them right? 😁

This does not mean, however, that I have listed literally all of them. Remember that this cosmetic procedure may be dangerous to your life or health if you hide your diseases from the person performing the procedure.

The most important contraindications include, among others:

  • varicose veins,
  • cancers,
  • pregnancy,
  • inflammation of the blood vessels.

I wrote about the contraindications to endermology in much more detail in this article.

So, answering the title question – in most cases side effects endermology they will not be dangerous. Provided that you do not hide any diseases from the cosmetologist / doctor.

Outfit for endermology – will it be useful?

If your skin is sensitive and you are afraid that the above side effects of endermology will be extremely severe for you … then it is worth getting a special outfit.

This clothing will minimize the risk of bruising and redness. It will also greatly facilitate the work of the cosmetologist, as the head will move much more smoothly over the surface of your skin.

And besides – your body will be more covered. A perfect solution for people who struggle with shame 😉.

Side effects of endermology – summary

If you are planning to go for an endermology treatment, but you felt quite apprehensive about it – I hope I managed to calm you down 😉.

As you can see – side effects are few and for most patients they are trivial things. However, their existence should not be underestimated, because each of us is different and can react differently to everything.

The most important thing is to warn the person performing the procedure about all your diseases and predispositions. And if during endermology you feel that something is wrong – you should immediately inform about it.

Anyway – I’m 99.(9)% sure that if you follow my advice, everything will be fine 🙂.

So, I wish you a nice surgery and I encourage you to read my blog. New post every Monday!

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