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Cosmetic treatments for men? Bright! Endermologie not only for women

Hi 🙂. For some reason, it has been assumed that cosmetic procedures are reserved only for women. This, of course, is not true, and such an example of endermology can also be used by men. Today, however, I will go a little more into the world of fashion and I will also discuss those treatments that the ugly sex (no offense, of course, I’m also a guy) uses most often. I invite you to read 📖.

What cosmetic procedures do men use?

Lately I’ve been writing too much on my blog… that’s why this time I’m going to surprise you and jump straight to the point 😉.

Here are the most popular beauty treatments for men:

Laser hair removal

The times when thick chest and armpit hair was a symbol of true bravery are now (thankfully) behind us. Guys are increasingly deciding to regularly shave selected parts of the body … however, in the case of owners of lush facial hair, it is a breakneck task 🧔.

No wonder so many of us choose laser hair removal. We assume that for this treatment to bring the intended effect, you will have to perform it regularly – at least at the beginning of your adventure with hair removal. A few such visits to a good beauty salon for men and soon you can enjoy perfectly smooth skin (even for many years).

Lipofilling (wrinkle filling)

What real guy would care about a few facial wrinkles 😎? Well, as it turns out – there are quite a lot of such people. It has become common to say that gray hair and wrinkles on a guy are not a sign of unwanted old age, but just attractiveness. In reality, however, a man looks much more aesthetically pleasing without them.

This treatment is interesting because only natural “substances” are used in it. All wrinkles are filled with fat cells of the patient himself. However, many people are skeptical about this kind of “transplant” – and I completely understand it 😀.


Peeling is a simple but very effective cosmetic treatment for men. Exfoliating the epidermis with a pleasant face massage? Sounds really good. And in fact it is. That is why I am very happy that our cosmetic awareness is growing and we decide on this type of treatments 🙂.

Thanks to peeling, your skin is “motivated” to produce new cells. You can guess the end result – you will look younger (healthier). And the best thing about all this: you can do it all yourself, in your home privacy 🏠.

So what about this endermology for men?

Like many other cosmetic treatments, endermology is intended for both women and men. However, this does not mean that gender is literally irrelevant in this case 🧑 🦱.

It won’t surprise anyone if I say that our bodies are built a bit differently. We differ, among others, in the structure of muscles, skin or even hair. For this reason, it is important that the cosmetologist is skilled in performing endermology on both men and women.

When should a man go to Endermologie?

Whenever he sees fit. It would seem that men do not pay as much attention to their appearance as women – okay, maybe in fact it is … 😉.

And quite seriously – a man should go for an endermology treatment when he finds that his skin looks “old”, is not firm enough, cellulite appears, or simply when his adipose tissue is too large. To put it mildly.

Endermology for men – effects

Here, I will not surprise anyone – the effects of endermology are practically the same for both women and men.

I assume that if you are a guy – you have probably never thought about the topic of safe endermology before. I happen to have written two articles in the past:

  • the first one about the effects that endermologie can bring you (you can read it here),
  • and the second one about contraindications to endermology, also a very important issue (you can read about it here).

So before you go for your first such treatment in your life – I wish you a nice read 🙂.

Dress for cosmetic treatments and endermology

Are you wondering who I am that I regularly run a blog about endermology and other cosmetic treatments 😉?

Well, I run a shop with specialized clothes – you can visit it by clicking here. And before you ask me a bothering question: yes, I also sell clothes for men 🙂.

Cosmetic treatments for men – summary

To sum up: not only a woman has the right to feel beautiful 😉.zn – summary

Thank you very much for reading my next blog post. I invite you, as usual, every Monday.

I made myself such a challenge that I will publish at least once a week – be sure to check how I’m doing 🙂. See you!

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