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What are the most profitable cosmetic procedures? Which is where you earn the most

Hi, For some time I have the impression that more and more beauty salons are opening in Poland. However, many people approach this operation without much preparation. The first question you should ask yourself is “what treatments do I want/can do?”. However, in my experience, it is usually “what are the most profitable cosmetic treatments?” – which is not the best solution. But about why, just below 😉.

Do what you do best

Now you’re probably thinking I’m some kind of cliché coach. But think about it for a moment: Microdermabrasion (which uses a jet of microcrystals to scrape away layers of the skin) became popular some time ago. So what if it generates a good income if you have no experience doing it? You’ll just get eaten by much more seasoned competition.

Why am I mentioning this now? Because in a moment I will list you the most profitable cosmetic procedures from the last few years. I do not want you to treat the following list as a revealed truth, which will surely work in your case as well. I have always been of the opinion that you will earn the most on those cosmetic procedures that you are able to perform best. And besides – work will be more pleasant for you, which is also important 👍.

Beauty treatments that will earn you the most (probably)

Alright, here we go with a specific list. Please note that this is not a ranking and the order is random. There are far too many variables for me to make an objective top list. What’s more important – I was unable to discuss all the treatments worth attention, but you probably already guessed that 😅.

Permanent eyebrows – a popular choice

Personally, I’m not a fan of women getting permanent eyebrows, but the statistics speak for themselves – it’s a really popular cosmetic procedure. As a result, you can earn quite a lot from it. This is quite an expensive activity, the price of which can reach up to 500 EUR.

However, creating permanent eyebrows is not an easy task. To gain some practice, you will probably need to sign up for an additional course, which can cost up to PLN 10,000 for a few days of study (in the individual version). If that wasn’t enough, there are tons of eyebrow shapes out there, and fashions are always changing, so you’ll need to keep learning.

Anyway, this treatment is very popular and there is no indication that it will change in the near future 🙂.

Fractional laser – requires investment

A much less recognizable option than permanent eyebrows, but probably even more profitable. As far as I know, the price of a single treatment using a fractional laser is … even up to 600 EUR! Of course, provided that it covers larger areas of the body.

Fractional laser training is also generally short and relatively cheap. If you are lucky, you will find training for less than 650 EUR. Wait a minute… the cost of the training would pay for itself after just one treatment? Where’s the catch here?

Well, the device “fractional laser” costs quite a lot. Even in the cheapest version, it is an expense of tens of thousands of zlotys. So it’s quite a risky business, but hey – after all, the world belongs to the brave 🌍.

Endermology – a giant of the future?

Endermology in Poland has been doing well for several years. However, I have the impression that recently it is experiencing its second youth and is gaining popularity. More and more people in my immediate environment are asking about this procedure. There are also a whole lot of new blogs about it (including mine 😉).

If the upward trend continues, endermology may soon become one of the most profitable cosmetic procedures. Training is an expense of several thousand zlotys, but in my humble opinion – it is worth taking into account. I believe in endermology, which is why I run a shop with clothes dedicated to it. You can visit it by clicking here.

So if you are planning to open your own beauty shop (or you already run one, and you just want to expand the range of services performed), please remember about LaSpa and my outfits – they will definitely be useful to you in the future 🥋.

The most profitable cosmetic procedures – my conclusions

Although I am not a financial expert, it seems to me that the most profitable are clinics offering permanent makeup. There are plenty of them, and the procedure itself is popular among all age groups. I also once saw a list saying that women most often decide to undergo cosmetic treatments in the area of eyebrows – maybe it will be a little hint for you 😉.

Anyway, don’t take my words as final judgment. I wrote this article based on the observations of myself and people close to me. Remember that in my opinion the most profitable beauty treatments are those that you can do, but most of all you like to do.

I wish you good luck in your new business 🙂!

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