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Facial endermology – effects (and a bit about contraindications)

Recently, facial endermologie treatment has become more and more popular. Many people are tormented by the question of whether it is worth the price and what effects can be expected from it. So I decided to take a closer look at this topic and dispel all doubts – in a simple and understandable language. I will also say something about contraindications. I invite you 😉.

Endermology of the face and the rest of the body – what are the differences?

If you have never used an endermology treatment before – everything is based on the fact that a specialized device that generates negative pressure has a positive effect on both the skin and what is under it.

So, in more understandable words: with a simple “massage”, the appearance of your body can significantly improve. No wonder that more and more people want to use face endermology – after all, it is her (face, of course) that is every man’s business card 💆.

Also, answering the title question – it’s exactly the same procedure. Only the part of the body on which it is carried out differs.

Facial endermology – effects before and after the procedure

Okay – enough of this basic information. Let’s move on to what tigers like the most – the exact effects.

Quick note: below I will focus only on strictly “facial” effects. I have already written two extensive articles about the impact of endermology on the body:

  • first, you can read about the general effects HERE,
  • while the second, about side effectsHERE.

So in order 🙂.

Double chin removal

“But how is the removal of the double chin. Is that how it goes?” – you don’t even realize how many times I’ve heard similar surprise from clients 😅.

First of all, it is worth asking yourself: where does a double chin actually come from? I’m not going to get into genetics here, so I’ll just say that the most common cause is excess body fat and/or loss of skin elasticity.

And what helps to combat both of these symptoms? Yes, that’s endermology. So, if you want to get rid of your double chin, but so far nothing has brought greater results … then maybe it’s a good time to try facial endermology?

Reduction of (almost) all wrinkles

There can be many reasons for the formation of wrinkles. From genetic predisposition to bad habits and addictions, such as smoking.

There are also many methods of fighting wrinkles. Or rather, in quotes “methods“, because many of them work too poorly or not at all. Most people first reach for special anti-wrinkle creams, and when these fail – they quickly decide on invasive surgeries. However, this is not the way❗.

Facial endermology is great at dealing with (almost) all types of wrinkles. Personally, I always try to use natural solutions first – and this treatment is like that 😉.

Fight against dull and tight skin

I think we’ve all experienced the feeling of dry and tight skin at least once. Half the trouble if these symptoms appear only in the summer and disappear relatively quickly. Much worse if you have to deal with them practically all the time 🕰️.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to fight this type of skin. From peeling, through the use of tonics, to the purchase of foundations with collagen. However, you will be surprised how much a slightly healthier diet and – above all – better hydration of the body can change 💦.

If you belong to a group of people whose complexion is extremely unbearable – maybe it’s worth going for facial endermology? You will additionally remove blue eyes and other signs of fatigue. Judge for yourself if it’s worth it 😉.

When is it better not to use facial endermology?

I have already written about contraindications to Endermology HERE – before you go for the first treatment: please read ❤️.

Despite the many positive effects of facial endermology, you must be aware that not everyone should use it. I mean mainly infections within the skin of the face – and in particular herpes.

In addition, you should be careful in the case of severe acne or having (by the way – increasingly popular) botox fillers.

Remember that the final decision should be made by the person performing the procedure. So for your own safety… don’t hide anything important from her 😜.

Endermology not only for the face

It is good to combine endermology treatments with each other. For example: if you decide on a face, it is worth taking care of the skin of the neck and shoulders as well. Thanks to this, the final effect will be more consistent, and you will look much better.

The rest of the body is also important. In this case, I have an interesting proposition for you 😉.

And it is a special outfit for endermology. I have written many times about its great properties, so this time I will spare myself the effort 🙂.

For those interested – an invitation to my shop.

Many thanks for reading this post. We hear (see?) as usual – next week on Monday. Regards 🙂.

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