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Cosmetic price list. Do you know how much you should charge for services?

Are you planning to open a beauty salon but you don’t know how much to price your services? Or maybe you want to raise prices, but you don’t know how much? First of all – there is no ready answer. However, I will tell you what the cosmetic price list depends on and how to safely raise prices. I invite you 😀.

What does a good cosmetic price list look like? I advise.
What a comet price list should look like – LaSpa.

How much do salon beauty services cost on average?

The prices of cosmetic services are really different and there is no point in relying on statistics. Practically the same treatment in one salon can cost approx. PLN 50, and in another – over 200. Just look at the following example of the most popular ones.

– Classic manicure. From 30 to over 100 PLN.

– Classic pedicure. From 40 to over 150 PLN.

– Evening makeup. From 100 to over 250 PLN

– Laser hair removal. From PLN 150 to over PLN 350 (intimate areas)

– Microneedle mesotherapy. From PLN 200 to over PLN 500 (single session)

Huge price range. I could list all the existing beauty treatments here and fill an entire article with them. Only then you wouldn’t get any specific knowledge out of it. Instead, I will explain to you how you should price your services.

What does the cosmetic price list depend on?

It would be easiest to say that the higher the quality of the service, the higher the price. Only that’s not always the case. Below I have described the 3 most important factors on which the prices of cosmetic procedures depend.

1. Location of the salon. Let’s face it – this is probably the most important criterion. Prices in large towns, such as Warsaw or Wrocław, can be several times higher than in small towns or villages. Why? In my opinion, there are two main reasons. First of all: in large cities, the cost of renting premises is correspondingly higher (entrepreneurs have to cover the costs). Secondly, residents of large cities earn more, so high prices are not so deterrent to them (entrepreneurs use the opportunity to earn money).

2. Quality of equipment and cosmetics. Some use modern equipment to perform treatments, while others use cheaper alternatives. Some constantly invest in quality, while others cut costs on virtually everything. Therefore, the cosmetic price list depends on whether you plan to attract customers with high quality services or their low price. Personally, I would choose the first option – because I couldn’t work with the thought that I was serving suboptimally. However, as long as your price is adequate to the level of the premises, you can confidently cut costs. At least at the beginning of the business.

3. Staff experience. Regardless of whether you perform all the procedures yourself or if you hire an employee from them – the higher the qualifications, the higher the price of the service should be. The reason is simple: great experience equals high quality. And for high quality, you should not be afraid to delete more. Remember that you do not take money for the number of hours you spend on the procedure. You take money for many years of your experience and practice. At the beginning, you can safely delete less, but if you have several years of experience and the rates are like those of a novice – you are doing something wrong.

These are the 3 main factors that you should take into account in the first place. Are you opening a salon in the capital of the country? Have you invested a lot of money in cosmetics and equipment? Or maybe you also employ a make-up artist with 5 years of experience? All this should affect your cosmetic price list.

How to raise prices in a beauty salon without losing customers?

Each of us would like to earn as much as possible. If you want to expand your premises, sooner or later you will have to either increase prices or increase your processing capacity. In this case, however, we will focus on raising prices, because increasing the number of customers served is easy only in theory.

If you want to increase the price list of cosmetics in your salon, stick to the following rules.

1. Raise prices gradually, very gradually. A sudden price increase can make your customers go to the competition. It will be much more reasonable to bet on their gradual increase – preferably based on the prevailing inflation and media price increases. Instead of increasing the price of the service by 50% once, increase it monthly by, for example, 10%.

2. Don’t be afraid to share information with your customers. A sudden increase in the price of renting a place? Another increase in the amount of health insurance? Social media is a great place for you to share news with your customers – even the unpleasant ones. Inform about the increase and find a good justification for them. The customer will leave you sooner if you are not fair with him than if you raise the price list slightly.

3. Just get better. And that’s pretty much the best advice I can give you right now. Don’t be afraid to invest – both in yourself and in your equipment. A quality beauty salon is a profitable beauty salon. If you stay in one place, so will your earnings.

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