Opening a beauty salon – does it make sense today?

More and more beauty salons are opening. Everything indicates that this is a very profitable business and worth investing in. However, every coin has two sides, so today I discuss both the pros and cons of such an operation. Does opening a beauty salon make sense nowadays? I invite you to read.

Is opening a beauty salon a good approach nowadays?
Opening of a beauty salon nowadays – LaSpa

Own beauty salon – is it worth having?

Own beauty salon is a dream of many teenage girls. Boys, as a rule, less often. In recent years, the beauty industry has grown significantly, so the question arises: is it still worth getting into this business?

Advantages of your own beauty salon

Among the advantages of having your own beauty salon, I would personally include the following:

1. You will be able to develop your skills. And if you even started reading this article, then you probably have some interest in cosmetology. If you decide to open your own salon, you will have a great opportunity to improve your skills and develop your passion. It has always been your dream to become a beautician and do you have a budget for investment? If so, then in my opinion you should decide to open your salon. Pleasure should be the top priority at work. You can get interested in money later.

2. Your beauty salon can be profitable. Check for yourself how many beauty salons are open today and how many were open a few years ago. Logically – if this industry was not profitable, new beauty salons would simply not open. And if they did, they would go bankrupt very quickly. If you know the basics of running a business and are good at your job, your own office can bring you a really big monthly income.

3. You will be an independent beautician. Since I started my own business, I can’t imagine going back to full-time work. Working in someone else’s beauty salon, you will always be dependent on your boss (and employment contract). However, when you open your office, all these obligations will disappear and you will be a fully independent beautician. You will certainly have more responsibilities on your head – but being your own boss will make them much more pleasant.

Cons of your own beauty salon

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The same is true for beauty salons. As an objective person, I also have to tell you about the downsides. And they are:

1. High costs of maintaining the premises. While the cost of renting the building itself is still bearable, the purchase of equipment, business maintenance and advertising expenses can be deadly. And rampant inflation doesn’t help at all. So be prepared that you can earn a lot… but you will also have a lot of expenses. Are these costs unbearable? Probably not, there are more expensive businesses. But the first few months will definitely give you a hard time. Well, unless you have a large sum of money saved. Then it should be easier for you.

2. A whole lot of competition. The beauty industry in our country has developed quite quickly (and still does). So you must take into account that you are not the only one thinking about opening your own beauty salon. Perhaps, before you implement your business plan, a few more showrooms will open in your vicinity? Then it will be harder for you. Fortunately, thoughtful marketing and advertising can work wonders. Only, that’s right, it will be another expense again 💲.

3. Incomprehensible legal regulations. Opening your own beauty salon is also a lot of rules to follow. Starting from health and safety and sanepidu, ending with settlements with the Tax Office. Personally, I can’t imagine doing it all alone. So I guess you do too. In this case, you will need the help of professionals. And you guessed it – it’s costs again.

Opening a beauty salon – is it finally worth it?

Note that all the downsides of owning your own beauty salon revolve around money. Cosmetology is not a cheap business and without money put aside, I would rather not go for it. However, if you have a sum of money prepared that you would like to spend on an investment … then personally I would go for it.

Opening a beauty salon will allow you to feel free, and work will become pure pleasure. So prepare a sensible business plan, look around and… act!

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