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Cosmetic price list. Do you know how much you should charge for services?

Are you planning to open a beauty salon and do not know how much to price your services? Or maybe you want to raise prices, but you don’t know how much? First of all – there is no ready answer. However, I will tell you what the cosmetic price list depends on and how to safely raise prices.

Opening a beauty salon – does it make sense today?

More and more beauty salons are opening. Everything indicates that this is a very profitable business and worth investing in. However, every coin has two sides, so today I discuss both the pros and cons of such an operation. Does opening a beauty salon make sense nowadays? I invite you to read. Own beauty salon […]

What are the most profitable cosmetic procedures? Which is where you earn the most

Hi, For some time I have the impression that more and more beauty salons are opening in Poland. However, many people approach this operation without much preparation. The first question you should ask yourself is “what treatments do I want/can do?”. However, in my experience, it is usually “what are the most profitable cosmetic treatments?” […]

Endermology – side effects. What are they and can they be dangerous?

Endermology, like any other cosmetic procedure, can cause side effects. Fortunately, they do not happen very often and are usually very mild. In today’s article I will discuss the most important of them – I invite you to read 🙂. Endermologie (not) one hundred percent safe The endermology treatment is relatively safe for most patients. […]

Endermology – contraindications to the procedure (and a few words about observation)

Hi. Our previous entries on Endermology were very warmly received. Thank you! 🙂 Our clients often wonder if anyone can use the Endermology treatment, or are there any contraindications? So we have prepared an article for you that should dispel all doubts on this subject. However, before we get into specifics, remember that… The doctor […]